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Festivult July 2011 Cookie List

winter beholder

Hey DDO Fans and DDOcast Listeners,

Here are the list of cookies for this year’s Festivult in July 2011. If you’re looking for DDO Festivult cakes, they’re here. Keep in mind this list is good for July 2011 and will probably change by the next time Festivult rolls around. Enjoy!

Icon Name Spell
cookie Arraetrikos Cookie Meteor Swarm
cookie Beholder Cookie Disintegrate
cookie Black Abbot Cookie Stoneskin
cookie Black Abishai Cookie Remove Fear
cookie Blue Abishai Cookie Blur
cookie Green Abishai Cookie Neutralize Poison
cookie Hezrou Cookie Infernal Power
cookie Queen Lailat, the Marilith Cookie Burning Blood
cookie Red Abishai Cookie Protection from Energy: Fire
cookie Stormreaver Cookie Call Lightning Storm
cookie Succubus Cookie Mass Charm Monster
cookie Suulomades Cookie Freedom of Movement
cookie Velah, the Red Dragon Cookie Velah, the Red Dragon Cookie
cookie Warforged Titan Cookie Titan’s Grip
cookie White Abishai Cookie Fire Shield (cold version)
cookie Xyzzy Cookie Bee Breath