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DDOcast 223

Episode 223 is ready! Here’s a LINK to the episode – just left-click to play, right-click and ‘save as’ to download as an mp3. You can find DDOcast on iTunes, the Zune Marketplace and

This week Sig and Anne DDO news, Community Upates, and Festivult is back! We also have a new DDO Poetry Corner, Premium Perspective, and Top 10

This week’s music is “Never Split the Party” by Emerald Rose of their 2007 comedy album, Con Suite. You can find more info about them or purchase CDs at their website at

Join THE Skag-traviganza! Skaggy’s DDO Poetry Anniversary Podcast!

Skaggy has his complete DDO poetry collection on his website! Visit and comment on your favorite DDO poems. Have you got a DDO Poem? Then send it in to Skaggy, he may just read it out loud for you! If you got a DDO Poem, record it and he’ll include it in his anniversary podcast! You can participate by visiting Skaggy’s DDO Archive and Make A Comment or by emailing him at skaggythepoet(at)

Join us at PAX PRIME 2011

If you’re going to PAX in Seattle this year send us an Email at!


DDOcast Episode 223 (07-01-11)

0:32 Intro
2:25 New is Up!
3:24 DDO News
17:22 Sponsor Break: Nightmare in Stormreach II!
18:32 DDO Round Table Talk: New Festival Ideas for DDO
23:13 DDO Poetry Corner with Skaggy The Poet
29:05 DDO Community News
38:48 What’s New in DDO with Us!
41:48 Crunchy Bits Mail
54:16 Premium Perspective with Ecgric
59:30 Top 10 with Rheebus the Rogue
1:03:15 Gaming Related News
1:11:09 Closing


TOTAL TIME: 1:12:55


LINK for Festivult in July 2011

LINK for Sad News for Risia Crafters: Craftable Items are not Random Items

LINK for New Quarterly WallPapers for your Desktop

LINK for Many Shot Dev Talk

LINK forSoon Crafting Recipes will be able to Pull Ingredients from Bags

LINK for FordyTwo is looking for your feedback on his Cleric 101 article

LINK for More Inside Details on How Loot Tables Work

LINK for DDO Store News

LINK for Eberron Chronicle (for the 2nd of July)

LINK for Pjstechie (our own Shamgar) is offering helpful tips and advice for running Epic quests on his MyDDO

LINK for Mosch has some fun telling a story about getting a giant to become an actor!

LINK for Crafting with Courtney “Trinket of Secret Door Detection”

LINK for G3 Radio invades DDO now on Youtube

LINK for DDO Cocktail Hour Episode 54, Guild Drama Part 2, Drama Llama

LINK for More Rumors about Turbine’s Console MMO Game

LINK for SOE is shutting down Star Wars Galaxies servers in December 15, 2011

LINK for GenCon is also around the corner: August 4-7 in Indianapolis, Indiana

LINK for Wizards of the Coast will be pushing Forgotten Realms with Neverwinter the PC

LINK Ampersand: Bill Slavicseck Says Fairwell!

LINK for Wizards of the Coast Bill Slavicsek Leaves Amidst Layoffs

LINK for Penny Arcade Expo PRIME 2011 Sold Out!

DDOcast 223

Sig and Anne