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The New DDOCast.Com

Flame On!

Hi Everyone!

This is our new site! We hope you like it.  It will take some time before we  can get ALL 200+ episodes back up, but for now we’ve put up the last 40 episodes of DDOcast.  We’ll slowly work through the archives and put them up at a bit at a time.

The downside to making a new website is that many links out there are now broken. To make up for the broken links we’ve included a search box. Hopefully that will give you at least a +5 to all your search checks. If you still can’t find it, let us know at

We’ll be adding more content as time goes on but for now if you’re interested on who we are and what we do here visit our About page.

-Anne & Sig

Release notes and more behind the cut… v3.0 Release Notes

Embedded Player – you should now be able to play DDOcast Episodes on the website.  Its still a bit slow and We’re trying to find a way to speed up the playback once you click on the play button. You still always have the option to right click on the LINK and download it to local hard drive.

Key Word Search – so you can now type in what you’re looking for, and hopefully you’ll find it; or at least something close to it.

Select Episode – On a last minute whim, we decided to add a episode selection drop-down box. Its on the right hand side bar and down at the bottom. Yeah its kinda hidden, we’ll float it to the top once I’ve fixed some the kinks.

Know Issues

Broken links – Old links don’t work any more.  Try using the search box to find what you’re looking for.

Waaay Old Episode Notes are missing – we do have an archive and we were able to import much of the posts from the old site, but Anne only had the energy to do the last 40 perform quality checks . The older posts need to be cleaned up, so we’ll do a few archive posts each week.

Less Side Links – Keeping track of ACTIVE DDO fan sites is a pain for us.  If your site is ACTIVE and UP TO DATE site, you’ll go on our LINKS section. Sister DDO Fan Sites get Side Bar Spot! Dear users we love you, but if you’re looking for a site that’s old please Google it and put it on your own bookmarks.

  • It’s working 🙂 And I am hoping this means we will start seeing more news as posts on the website again! Grats guys 🙂 It looks great!


    June 30, 2011

  • Thanks! 🙂 More posts? Maybe. Baby steps, baby steps


    June 30, 2011

  • congrats on a great looking overhaul and linking my stuff 🙂


    June 30, 2011

  • This looks good on the IPhone and HTC Evo. Great job guys!


    July 1, 2011

  • Awesome Job Anne! Looking forward to perusing the new site for new trinkets and items – here’s for hoping there’s a +1 loot weekend ahead! 😉


    July 4, 2011

  • Thanks! Its really a work in progress, but my first goal is to get all the old episode notes back up. 🙂


    July 4, 2011