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Kobold Rap!

Song Title: Kobold Rap 2011
Lyrics By: Skaggy the Poet
Performed By: Sigfried
Audio & Production: Anne

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Traps don’t kill players, Kobolds do

Traps don’t kill play-ers Kobolds do
I read it on the forums so it must be true
It’s a fact that Kobolds are violent
Like when Lessah tells Samius to be silent
You don’t believe me you think this is hype?
Come with me hero and I’ll show you the type
Those Kobolds in the sewers are breedin,
Go down there and you’ll come back bleedin
Look at me and see the aftermath
Of a fool who walked the butchers path
I got my legs held on with some tape
The pounding I got make my whole body ache.
You don’t believe mel? You think you’re tough?
You best check yourself them kobolds are rough!

And now do you believe what I say is true?
That Traps don’t kill players Kobolds do!

Kobolds in the sewers are breedin!
Go down there and they’ll be feedin!
Chewing gnawing and lickin your bones.
Your poor wife and kids will be all alone.
Cause traps don’t kill players Kobolds do
I Hope you’re starting to believe it’s true.
Stabbed to death outside Kundarak
You’re the Victim of a Kobold sneak attack.
The Coin Lord census is misleadin
There’s countless numbers of them breedin
Down in the dark you won’t know what hit ya
Turn around quick cuz some Kobold just bit ya
The houses are shamed, they don’t have a clue
Kobolds are deadly like monk’s with kung fu.

And now do you believe what I say is true?
That Traps don’t kill players Kobolds do!