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Archive for March, 2011


DDOcast 210

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DDOcast is a weekly DDO podcast created by fans for fans! We discuss nearly everything related to Dungeons and Dragons Online – Eberron Unlimited.

Episode 210 is ready! Here’s a LINK to the episode – just left-click to play, right-click and ‘save as’ to download as an mp3. You can find DDOcast on iTunes, the Zune Marketplace and

Join Sig and Anne for DDO news, Update 9 teasers on Sorcere PrEs and Spell Balancing changes. This week’s segments includes a Poetry Corner by Skaggy, Premium Perspective with Egcric and talk with some live callers and answering voice mail!


DDOcast Episode 210 (03-26-11)

0:15 Introductions
1:32 Live Caller – U9 Spell Changes & Extend
4:45 DDO Game News
10:04 Update 9 Teaser Talk: Spell Changes Galore!
40:18 Premium Perspective with Ecgric
45:15 Poetry Corner with Skaggy The Poet
49:50 Lamannia Sir Pointsalot & Free Priate Hat Give Away
51:13 DDO Community News
54:56 What Have You Been Doing in DDO
57:47 Other Gaming News
1:01:30 Voice Mail
1:10:30 Live Caller – Favored Soul Help
1:14:04 Thanks & Closing


TOTAL TIME: 1:15:25


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LINK Monday Maintenance March 28th 5AM eastern

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LINK Part 1 Torc Update 9 Spell Changes

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LINK Oficial Lamannia Update 9 Notes

LINK Lamannia Known Issues

LINK Lamannia Characger Copy Tool

LINK Download the Lamannia Client

LINK Sandil updates DDO Game Guide version 3.5.0

LINK Screenshot of the week:

LINK Eberron Chronicle

LINK Exploring Eberron: DDO 101 and why it’s still needed

LINK PAX East 2011: Turbine makes the case for the free-to-play model

LINK Jim Roslof: 1946-2011

LINK How Dungeons & Dragons changed my life

DDOcast - A DDO Podcast


DDO CtH Ep 45, Well Read

CTH, Episode 45, Well Read!Welcome to the DDO Cocktail Hour where we discuss the social aspects of Dungeons and Dragons Online, Eberron Unlimited. Join us this week as we go off-topic a bit to share our favorite fantasy novels, and hear what our Twitter Followers are reading! Dont worry, we talk about game-stuff too well, if you count Samius Gurobos desire to shag every character in Stormreach (minus drow)! Listen to find out who is first on his Eberron Bucket List. This show is worth it just to hear him say the words sexy and toilet table in the same sentence! Be sure to check bonus material on our website for an Irish Game that Lessah deemed too dirty for iTunes! Thanks so much for listening! Intro: Celtic HighwayWe are not drinking! (Also Samius gives up Bioware & Blizzard Games for Lint)Boston Trip, Turbine(Modestly Hot Defined)Dragon Age 2! ZOMG! Twitter Question: Name the last book you read or are reading?The Shard Axe, By Marsheila Rockwell Release Date September 6th, 2011Twitter Q: What DDO Character/ Race would you like to get to know in that way? *wink wink Bonus Material! Irish Game removed for explicit content!Article: How Dungeons and Dragons Changed my LifeArticle: Enders Game the Movie?!? ZOMG!!!! True Reincarnation talk/ the long road to Completionist Flex Your Geek Podcast: Guild DramaReach us at: 90IPWNU00/ 904-796-8001Outro

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DDO Store Coupon Guide

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How To Use A Coupon

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How to Buy DDO Store Items

The DDO Store is easy to use, and contains a vast selection of useful items! To start shopping, click the DDO Store button on your in-game menu, or press “Ctrl + S.”

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How to Add Turbine Points

It’s entirely possible to enjoy Dungeons & Dragons Online™ for free, but additional healing items, experience boosts and a variety of cosmetic items are available for purchase from the DDO Store – once you’ve added Turbine Points.

So how do …


DDOcast 209

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Episode 209 is ready! Here’s a LINK to the episode – just left-click to play, right-click and ‘save as’ to download as an mp3. You can find DDOcast on iTunes, the Zune Marketplace and

Join Sig and Anne in this week DDOcast. Update 9 info, game and community news, poetry corner and epic education.


DDOcast Episode 209 (03-19-11)

0:00:10 Intro
0:01:23 DDO Game News
0:06:12 Update 9 Info
0:07:00 Round Table Talk: Elemental Savants
0:23:09 Spell changes
0:26:56 Caster Enhancement Changes
0:34:20 Angel of Vengence 2
0:38:05 Epics and Instant-Death changes
0:45:55 Epic Education w/ Shamgar
0:59:37 Poetry Corner w/ Skaggy the Poet
1:03:07 DDO Community News
1:07:13 PAX East Interview with Steiner and Friends
1:16:50 What are we doing in DDO
1:18:39 Shameless plug
1:19:32 Sign out


TOTAL TIME: 1:20:55


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LINK Eladrin Link 5

LINK Eladrin Link Favored Soul

LINK Eladrin Link Death and epic 1

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LINK Screenshot of the week

LINK Lucky screenshots

LINK Pax east pictures

LINK Chronicle

LINK Congo bowl



DDOcast 208

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Episode 208 is ready! Some parts of the recording are a bit rough due technical difficulties. Here’s a LINK to the episode – just left-click to play, right-click and ‘save as’ to download as an mp3. You can find DDOcast on iTunes, the Zune Marketplace and

Join Sig and Anne with guest hosts Ros & Ecgric. This week have Round Table Talk on the DDO B-day event, Turbine @ PAX East News, and Community Events. This week’s segments includes Epic Education, Poetry corner and Crunchy Bits Live talks on Armor Class.


DDOcast Episode 208 (03-12-11)

0:15 Introductions
1:34 DDO Game News
10:45 LICH Line Caller – Favored Soul PrE Angel of Vengence Talk
22:03 DDO Store News
24:01 SteinerDavion interviews Fernando Paiz @ PAX East 2011
40:14 Round Table Talk: Update 9 PrEs, Crafting & More
56:36 DDO Poetry Corner with Skaggy The Poet
59:20 DDO Community News
1:04:50 SteinerDavion @ the Turbine Party
1:06:45 What’s New with Guests
1:10:38 Crunchy Bits Live: Tactic Feats
1:24:55 Interview with Ecgric


TOTAL TIME: 1:41:30


LINK DDO Monster Madness

LINK Make Your Own Luck Screenshot Contests

LINK Screenshot of the Week: Taekhir gets a posthumous look at the Warforged Titan

LINK DDO Forum Reconstructions

LINK DDO Store News

LINK Lorehound’s Video: PAX East 2011: Interview with DDO: Eberron Unlimited’s Fernando Paiz

LINK Eladrin on Update 9: Angel of Vengeance

LINK Ten Ton Hammer Video: Update 9 Crafting

LINK Yskuma’s Android DDO Encyclopedia App

LINK Quarterling’s DDO UI Skins Tutorial Revamp

LINK Eberron Chronicle

LINK NighteShayde’s Pics from PAX East 2011

LINK Cordovan’s Pics from PAX East 2011

LINK Anne’s Healing Amp Article

LINK Tuffmann’s 4v4 Congo Bowl

LINK The Escapist Magazine is having their 2011 March Mayhem Developer’s Showdown!

LINK PAX East 2011 Clues Group-Think Thread


DDOcast 207

DOWNLOAD MP3 (Right click and "Save As")

Episode 207 is ready! Here’s a LINK to the episode – just left-click to play, right-click and ‘save as’ to download as an mp3. You can find DDOcast on iTunes, the Zune Marketplace and

Join Sig and Anne with our guests Shamgar and Samius. This week have another Poetry Corner, Premium Perspecitve, an Interview with Shamgar, and another Crunchy Bits Live Pimp my Gimp.  We of course talk DDO news, Community news, and Round Table Talk.


DDOcast Episode 207 (03-05-11)

0:10 Introductions
1:34 DDO Game News
7:41 Round Table Talk: “What’s in your DDO Golf Bag?” & “DDO Event Frequency”
22:11 Poetry Corner with Skaggy the Poet
24:02 Premium Perspective with Ecgric
29:38 Interveiw with Shamgar
44:32 DDO Community News
51:23 What’s New with the Guests
55:37 Crunchy Bits Live: Pimp My Gimp “Solo Wizard Mix & Fix”
1:26:23 Game Related News
1:27:09 Emails, Twitter, Facebook


TOTAL TIME: 1:34:08


LINK for Multilingual Client now Available for Lamannia

LINK for 5th Anniversary message from Executive Producer Fernando Paiz

LINK for Turbine 5th anniversary letters from the community team

LINK for Screenshot of the Week

LINK for PAX East Their booth is #424 in the Exhibition Hall

LINK for Speaking of PAX East: Fernando Paiz will keynote IGDA Summit @ PAX East

LINK for Ask Turbine @ PAX! Twitter your Question with #DDOPAXEAST

LINK for DDO Store News

LINK for Eberron Chronicle

LINK for Drakesblood’s MyDDO Blog: Kobold be Heard

LINK for Lessah’s MyDDO Blog: Notes from a Professional Tank

LINK for DDO Cocktail Hour Ep 44

LINK for DDOcast Fourms: Tell us Your Mascot Ideas

LINK for Game Developer’s Conference 2011

LINK for Kobold Still Hates You (Forever) by Developer Steel- MP3


DDO CtH ep 44, Get in Mah Barrel!

DDO Cocktail Hour, Episode 44, Get in Mah Barrel!Happy 5th Birthday to Dungeons and Dragons Online Eberron Unlimited! Welcome back to the DDO Cocktail Hour! This week we talk a lot about the DDO 5th Birthday Event, the good, the bad, and everything in between! Samius decides to take the completionist path and buy an iPhone! Listen to find out whats hot and what is not on the auction house in this post-apocalyptic game climate! Thanks so much for listening! 00:49:3900:00:15 Intro: Clearing A00:01:01 Happy Birthday DDO-EU & you are all diabolical!!! 00:03:10 Video posted of the Live Event By Mega Man Expert00:03:26 Auction House Tip of the Week! Pirates Port = Fast Cash Large Devil Scales are how much???00:04:15 Check out the latest issue of Becketts Massive Online Gamer, tons of DDo Articles! Incl: Chris Molsbees pick for Most Outstanding Guild of 2010: Mortal Voyage of Argonessenn! 00:05:26 Twitter Question: DDO Live event, Loved it? Hated it? why/ why00:10:22 Twitter Q: What style of hat? And what if anything did you add to your hat for the B-day event?00:14:47 After Action Review: DDO Live EventWe like: 1. Great loot, crafting = awesome2. Great design, funny kobold banter3. Mechanic for all levels was fantastic!4. Kobold resource gathering is the new outsource for dungeneering!5. Quest gave XP! 00:17:56 Things to think about for the future:1. Overage of doubloons and nothing to spend them on in the shop. Euphonia does not know how to make change!2. Consider making all items bound to account to minimize economic instability.3. Consider letting us see more of smugglers rest. (Island was pretty small)4. Game ground to a halt. 5. Consider keeping the pressure steady for the entire time limit. (Give a reward for saving all the kobolds and bringing them home when the job is done for example.)00:25:49 Forums: Im a Kobolt on the edge! By Purgatory00:27:14 Forums: Party at PAX East! 00:29:00 Doom! Forum: Racism in game & Samius gets neg rep!00:34:10 Emails! Ladder Goat Laughing! 00:35:31 Samius Gurobos shamelessly asks for advice on his new droid! 00:36:47 Ninja Guest, iPhone Expert: Kudesnik (Samius/ Kud make-out session in-coming)00:38:50 Samius shamelessly asks for money! 00:39:45 True Reincarnation talk! Paladins/ Sorcerors/ & Wizards Oh My! (make-out session 2)00:44:18 Samius commits to Completionist & makes a shameless lobby for Gnomes! 00:45:53 A Voicemail from Nklos! (CtHs first official drunk dial!)00:47:05 Reach us at: 90IPWNU00/ 904-796-800100:48:02 Dragon Age 2! ZOMG! 00:49:01 Outro & Toast Yo!

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