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DDOcast 205

Episode 205 here and ready! Here’s a LINK to the episode – just left-click to play, right-click and ‘save as’ to download as an mp3. You can find DDOcast on iTunes, the Zune Marketplace and

Join Sig and Anne with guest Ros of The Madborn guild. This week have DDO game news, DDO community news, Round Table Talk on Races. This week’s segments we have Epic Education, Poetry corner, DDO Top 10 with Reebus, Crunchy Bits Live’s Gimp My Pimp, and a special interview with Marcy Rockwell, author of the upcomming DDO novel, The Shard Axe.


DDOcast Episode 205 (02-19-11)

0:10 Introductions
1:18 DDO Game News
13:40 DDO Store Sales & Promos
14:51 DDO Known Issues Update
18:00 Epic Education with Shamgar
30:06 DDO Poetry Corner with Skaggy the Poet
32:10 Round Table Talk: DDO Races
40:45 DDO COmmunity News
46:23 What’s New with Our Guests
53:34 Top Ten with Reebus the Rogue
1:06:32 Crunchy Bits Live with Pimp My Gimp
1:27:50 Interview with Marsheila Rockwell, author of The Shard Axe


TOTAL TIME: 1:50:30


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