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Archive for February, 2011


DDOcast 206

Episode 206 is ready! Here’s a LINK to the episode – just left-click to play, right-click and ‘save as’ to download as an mp3. You can find DDOcast on iTunes, the Zune Marketplace and

Join Sig and Anne with our regular guest host Coldin. This week have Round Table Talk on the DDO B-day event, Turbine @ PAX East News, and Community Events. This week’s segments includes Epic Education, Poetry corner and Crunchy Bits Live talks on Armor Class.


DDOcast Episode 206 (02-26-11)

0:10 Introductions
1:16 DDO Game News
13:56 Round Table Talk: The Good, The Bad, and Ugly of DDO 5th B-day Event + Tips & Tricks
55:05 DDO Poetry Corner w/ Skaggy The Poet
58:50 Epic Education w/ Shamgar
1:10:32 DDO Community News
1:16:15 What’s New with Guests
1:20:00 Crunchy Bits Live: Crunchy Questions on AC


TOTAL TIME: 1:41:30


LINK for DDO 5 Yaarrrrr Party is now Live on All Servers

LINK for PAX East Party announced

LINK for Fernando Paiz will keynote IGDA Summit @ PAX East

LINK for Official Release Notes on 5th Birthday Update

LINK for Doubloons not distributing properly

LINK for DDO Store News

LINK for Tell the store team what you want

LINK for Update 9 Info (as collected by ddowiki)

LINK for Eberron Chronicle

LINK for Track epic item components in Symera’s online database

LINK for Monster Minute on the Marut (Inevitable)

LINK for Screenshot of the week

LINK for Old DDO Wiki web address no longer active, use the newer one

LINK for Thelanis: Tuffmann’s 4X4 Congo Bowl

LINK for Kotaku article highlights birthday event

LINK for DrewRayder announces: DDO Wedding on Cannith, March 11th

LINK for Exploring Eberron: One isn’t the loneliest number

LINK for PC Gamer Magazine: It’s booty time in Dungeon & Dragons Online’s 5th anniversary event


DDOcast 205

Episode 205 here and ready! Here’s a LINK to the episode – just left-click to play, right-click and ‘save as’ to download as an mp3. You can find DDOcast on iTunes, the Zune Marketplace and

Join Sig and Anne with guest Ros of The Madborn guild. This week have DDO game news, DDO community news, Round Table Talk on Races. This week’s segments we have Epic Education, Poetry corner, DDO Top 10 with Reebus, Crunchy Bits Live’s Gimp My Pimp, and a special interview with Marcy Rockwell, author of the upcomming DDO novel, The Shard Axe.


DDOcast Episode 205 (02-19-11)

0:10 Introductions
1:18 DDO Game News
13:40 DDO Store Sales & Promos
14:51 DDO Known Issues Update
18:00 Epic Education with Shamgar
30:06 DDO Poetry Corner with Skaggy the Poet
32:10 Round Table Talk: DDO Races
40:45 DDO COmmunity News
46:23 What’s New with Our Guests
53:34 Top Ten with Reebus the Rogue
1:06:32 Crunchy Bits Live with Pimp My Gimp
1:27:50 Interview with Marsheila Rockwell, author of The Shard Axe


TOTAL TIME: 1:50:30


LINK for Valentines Screenshot Contest Winners Announced

LINK for Buy the D&D Movie Blu-Ray Set and Get 750 TP

LINK for Scheduled Server Downtime, Tues, Feb 22nd @ 6AM-10AM Eastern (-5 GMT)

LINK for Turbine Announces the Character Undelete Paid Service

LINK for FAQ on DDO Undelete Service

LINK for Premium Services Status Thread

LINK for DDO Store Offline for Maintenance Last Wed, Feb 16th and the New Turbine Point Statements!

LINK for Turbine Points President’s Day Sale: Double the Bonus Points!

LINK for DDO Screenshot of the Week: Battledroid & Locutuss with their Larger Warforged Titan Siblings

LINK for Turbine @ PAX 2011 EAST

LINK for Turbine’s PAX Packing Progress (IMG)

LINK for Several DDO B-day Event Previews on Lamannia in the Past Week

LINK for Lamannia Release Notes (last updated 2-16-2011)

LINK for DDO Known Issues List is Updated!

LINK for DDO Store Sales & Promos

LINK for DDO Wiki’s DDO Races

LINK for NighteShayde’s MyDDO Blog: Defensive Stances vs Rage Effects

LINK for Cordovan’s MyDDO Blog: Preparing for DDO’s 5th Birthday Party!

LINK for Cordovan is Looking for MyDDO Featured Blog Nominations

LINK for Massively Interviews Newer DDO Community Members

LINK for Eberron Chronicle

LINK for Marsheila (Marcy) Rockwell (Author of new DDO Novel) Website

LINK for Pre-Order The Shard Axe by Marsheila Rockwell

LINK for Asheron’s Call Producer Outlines 2011 Updates


DDOcast 204

Episode 204 is late, but ready! Here’s a LINK to the episode – just left-click to play, right-click and ‘save as’ to download as an mp3. You can find DDOcast on iTunes, the Zune Marketplace and

Join Sig and Anne with guest Coldin. This week have DDO game news, DDO community news, a bit Round Table Talk on Hirlings and Naming Characters. For segments,  we have Epic Education by Shamgar, Skaggy’s Poetry corner, and Ecgric’s Premium Perspective. Crunchy Bits Live goes over Smuggler’s Rest B-Day Event Preview. And we have another CONTEST! Listen to the show to learn more!


DDOcast Episode 204 (02-12-11)

0:10 Introductions
1:18 DDO Game News
12:48 DDO Store Sales
15:35 Premium Perspective
27:30 Round Table Talk: Hirlings and Naming Characters
44:40 DDO Community News
49:47 Epic Education
1:01:23 DDO Poetry Corner
1:04:22 What’s New with Guests
1:08:23 Crunchy Bits Live: Smugger’s Rest DDO B-Day Event Preview
1:44:15 Turbine-ish related news
1:45:40 Emails


TOTAL TIME: 1:52:40


LINK for Sunday Feb 13th is Your Last Chance to enter the Valentine’s Day Screenshot Contest

LINK for Lamannia Birthday Parrrrrrty Preview Last Wed (Feb 9th)

LINK for DDO Screen Shot of the Week

LINK for Eladrin Gives Us an Enhancements Heads-Up on Update 9

LINK for Know Your Enemy: DDO Wraps Up their Creature Feature with Three DDO Monsters

LINK for Official Ice Flenser Wallpaper 1280×1024

LINK for Dev Clarification on Armor Kits: Yes Adding a Skin binds the Armor to Account

LINK for Possible Bug With Guild Decay?

LINK for “DDO is Getting Localized Clients, French and German” at

LINK for Response to Localized DDO Client at Forums

LINK for DDO Sales & Promos

LINK for Marcy Rockwell’s Latest Blog Post on her Book, The Shard Axe

LINK for The Shard Axe at

LINK for DDOWiki’s Details Smugglers Rest Event

LINK for Shade’s U8.1: Smuggler’s Rest Event Items on Lamannia

LINK for ReaperAlexEU’s Armor Kit Previews For Dark Colors on Lamannia

LINK for CrimsonSpectre’s MyDDO Blog: “On Money, making it, and keeping it”

LINK for DDM’s Realm: Healer’s Guide pt II

LINK for Tolero’s MyDDO Blog Post: A Wolf in Dragon’s Clothing

LINK for Eberron Chronicle

LINK for Monster Minute: Hags!

LINK for DDO Cocktail Hour: Episode 43, Happy Hour!

LINK for “Meghan “Patience” Jenks leaves Turbine” at

LINK for “The 3rd Annual MIT BiG (MIT Sloan Business in Gaming Conference) announced Turbine and other gaming companies in their Pannel Discussions”

LINK for “Tax Breaks For Turbine and Other Massachusetts Gaming Companies?”


DDO CTH ep 43, Happy Hour!

CTH, Episode 42, Happy Hour!Happy Birthday DDO Cocktail Hour! Thats right! We have made it to one year of inglorious podcasting! Loads of other podcasters check in to serve warrants and otherwise berate us this week, as well as a special surprise from the infamous Morah and a special poem from Skaggy the Poet! Some other podcasters also drop in to wish the team Happy B-Day! The team talks a little bit about love until it makes Samius puke and change the subject! Listen to find out what happens when you give Cocktail Listeners free license to drunk-dial (to the tune of 3500 Turbine Points)! Thanks so much for listening! HERE is the link for the episode! Just left click and play or right click and save as to download! You can also listen from our home on cyberears HERE 01:04:14 00:00:02 Intro: (When Fire Reavers Attack! W/ Special Guest Morah& Basthuul) 00:02:09 Intro (Iron Deacon, Ninja call! #1)00:03:19 What are you drinking?00:03:04 Ninja Call #2 Rent To Pwn! (Jack Pot Shrouding!)00:06:37 What are you wearing?00:07:14 Skaggys B-day poem00:10:21 Twitter Question: Does your Significant Other play DDO?00:10:46 Ninja Call #3, Steiner Davion! (DDo CtH Suga-Daddy)00:13:01 Ninja Call #4, Wyldthing! (Just Another Fun Loving Supply Officer!)00:15:00 Ninja Call #5 Saxykitten68! (I love your Crunchy Bits Segment on DDo Cast!)00:17:11 Nija Call #6 Xiloscent! Pvp Bad!00:24:38 Twitter Q: Rules for an official CtH Drinking gameThe Rules for this weeks show (*you must be age 21 or over to play or drink a non-alcoholic beverage): 1.) Every time Lessah says: Hello! or You know what? You take a drink!2.) Every time Samius makes an innuendo, you take a drink!3.) Every time a word has to be beeped, you take a drink! (If Lessah is beeped, you take 2 drinks!)4.) Every Segway… you take a drink! (if its a good Segway, you must drink twice!)5.) Every time someone calls in, you take a drink!6.) At the end of the show, you must empty your glass, even if you have just refilled it!)00:27:32 A Special Message From Teppotastic!00:28:25 A Voicemal from Kudesnik!00:29:03 Happy Birthday wishes From our parent show: The DDo Cast00:30:10 Forums: A History And a Proposal by kittikatgurl00:36:43 Ninja Caller #7 BC Peterson (His cat plays Candyland!)00:39:23 Forums: My Wife/ Husband/ Partner Hates DDo by Ryan22000:42:03 Well Wishes from Flex Your Geek 00:43:16 Well Wishes from KIASA Cast00:44:55 Email: Teapot dome: How was your double dutch rudder?00:46:12 Lessah accidentally hangs up on 2 people & Samius considers hiring Anne as new chief editor! (was too hilarious to leave out!)00:47:32 Ninja Call #8 Thad Williams! (can be Nekkid for you in 2 seconds!)00:50:04 Ninja Call #9 Kosimo! (Oh, a Black Russian IS your drink!)00:53:03 Bonus Forum: Hezeru Proctologist w/ Myopia by Hadrienn00:53:35 Email: How do I overcome being Despaired when facing mummies in the desert?00:57:34 True Reincarnation: Chronoscope/ Red Fens/ Blood Tide Pirates/ Droaam talk01:01:48 Reach us at 90IPWNU00101L03:17 Outro & Toast

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DDOcast 203

Episode 203 is ready! Here’s a LINK to the episode – just left-click to play, right-click and ‘save as’ to download as an mp3. You can find DDOcast on iTunes, the Zune Marketplace and

Join Sig and Anne with guests Ecgric and Coldin, who is our on-site reporter for the Birthday Live Event being previewed on Lamannia! He gives us reports on the Lamannia event throughout the show. We of course have DDO game news, DDO community news, and Poetry  Corner. We have a new segment: Epic Education by Shamgar! This week’s Round Table Talk includes the new Guild Usrping feature and Organizing your Horde. Crunchy Bits Live explains why crossing caster classes in build is not good. We also have email feed back from our fine listeners.


DDOcast Episode 203 (02-05-11)

0:10 Introductions
1:40 DDO Game News
10:57 LamanniaRelease Notes
13:36 Round Table Talk: Guild Usrp Features and Organizing Your Hoard
25:52 DDO Community news
34:35 Epic Education w/ Shamgar
42:31 DDO Poetry Corner w/ Skaggy the Poet
45:23 What’s New With our Guests
52:44 Cruchy Bits Live: Why You Shouldn’t Mix Caster Classes
1:07:49 Emails & Feedback


TOTAL TIME: 1:18:50


LINK for Lamannia Preview – Saturday the 5th

LINK for Winter Bonus Days Blowout!

LINK for Draw a Monster winners announced

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LINK for DDO Store News

LINK for New Changes for Guilds with Absent Leaders

LINK for LamanniaRelease Notes – 5th Birthday

LINK for Archanges 1 Year party and give-away on Thelanis

LINK for 5th annual – Saint Valentines Day Massacre and Sweetheart Dance

LINK for Mr Cannith 2011 Pagent on Cannith – February 12 @ 3PM Eastern US

LINK for Cool New DDO Twitter Feed Desktop Widget

LINK for Eberron Chronicle

LINK for PurpleFooz’s Blog: Making time for Updates

LINK for Codeshaper’s Blog: The Shape of the Code – Silence

LINK for “Exploring Eberron”

LINK for How to Access Lamannia


CTH Ep 42, Time Out!

Welcome to the DDO Cocktail Hour! Where the rocks are big and the halflings are nervous! This week, we talk about the drama llama of weekends past as well as some other strange and unusual stuff and one of our listeners made a really cool Twitter Feed Gadget for your desktop! Listen to find out how you can finally drunk-dial the Cocktail Hour! Thanks so much for listening! Intro: (Walking the Dog)What are you drinking?Auction House Chat: The Dynastic Falcata used to be cool. Twitter Question: Twitter Q for ep 41: Inquiring minds want to know, what did you do during the great DDo Outage of 2011?True Reincarnate path updates x2Forums: Twitter Feed Gadget by Ormsbygore Feedback, Kudesnik My DDO Memorial Wall Idea (Also DDO Library Update for iPhone!) What is the most annoying thing in DDO? By Halifex Email: Skaggy/ Banned in WOW/ Lothgat has a real Cocktail Hour in MexicoOne year anniversary, Get DDO Points! Google Voice Mailbox! (904)796-8001 Also Known As: 90IPWNU001Reach us at Outro & Toast

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DDOcast 202

Episode 202 is late, but ready! Here’s a LINK to the episode – just left-click to play, right-click and ‘save as’ to download as an mp3. You can find DDOcast on iTunes, the Zune Marketplace and

Join Sig and Anne for some DDO game news, DDO community news, Premium Perspective, Poetry Corner, Some Round Table Talk on newbie gear and LFM acronyms, Crunchy Bits Live dives into the “Lame,” and some feedback from our listerns on Twitter and Facebook.

CORRECTION: Yes, Sig says “Jan 30th” this episode was recorded on Sat, Jan 29th

REMINDER: Its that time again! SEND US YOUR ASK THE DEVS QUESTIONS! Send them to


DDOcast Episode 202 (01-29-11)

0:11 Intro
1:25 DDO Game News
8:07 DDO Store News
10:36 What’s New with our Guests
13:08 DDO Community News
18:56 Premium Perspective
22:40 DDO Poetry Corner
24:55 Round Table Talk: Lowbie Gear, LFM Codes
55:25 Crunchy Bits Live: Stuff that is Lame
1:23:55 Turbine Related News
1:24:35 Emails, Twitter, and Facebook


TOTAL TIME: 1:30:59


LINK for Know Your Enemy: Scorpions

LINK for Screenshot of the Week: Incredible Airship!

LINK for Mystery of the Missing Devs

LINK for Official DDO Novel Announced

LINK for Risia Ice Games are Returning Next Week

LINK for DDO Store Sales

LINK for Confirmation on How Spell Damage Amplification Works Between Classes

LINK for Archanges 1 Year party and give-away on Thelanis

LINK for Pestivus celebration also on Thelanis

LINK for Eberron Chronicle

LINK for Cordovan’s Blog: Getting the most from your DDO Weapon descriptions

LINK for Eladrin’s Blog: Undead Invading My Gallery

LINK for DDO Cocktail Hour Ep #41: Better Left Unsaid

LINK for Korthos “Misery’s Peak” Rewards

LINK for Pharlan Carnival Rewards

LINK for Delera’s Tomb Rewards

LINK for Assault on Splinterskull Rewards

LINK for Turbine is Looking to hiring a Project Manager For Localization