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Archive for October, 2010


DDOcast 191

Hi everyone!  Episode 191 of DDOcast is now ready to go.  Here’s a LINK to the episode – just left-click to play, right-click and ‘save as’ to download as an mp3.  You can find DDOcast on iTunes, the Zune Marketplace and

This week’s show features a large group chat and plenty of phone calls as Jerry gets a sendoff from DDOcast.  We also talk about the Mabar event, Mournlands and a bunch of other DDO news.  Segments include “All Monsters Great and Small”, “Premium Perspective”, “DDO Poetry Corner”, “Unlocking the Vault”, “Crunchy Bits” and “Clerical Errors.”  Thanks so much for listening!


DDOcast Episode 191 (10-29-10)

:15 Intro
8:30 Future of DDOcast/What I’m doing
23:00 Mabar Event
44:00 Of Characters and Guilds
54:53 Back to the News…
1:03:20 Mournlands taking applications, Become your own deity, my.ddo
1:17:43 Lotro Europe F2P, Chronicle
1:18:10 Crunchy Bits – True Reincarnation
1:24:40 Premium Perspective – VIP vs Premium
1:31:43 Unlocking the Vault – Elf/Dragon Wars and More
1:39:10 All Monsters Great and Small – Rust Monsters and Podcasters
1:43:48 Clerical Errors – Clankenbeard and Morah
1:52:00 DDO Poetry Corner
1:54:35 Production thoughts
2:00:50 Community Notes
2:02:00 Podcasting Tips and Advice


TOTAL TIME: 2:39:20


I just wanted to thank everyone for their support of DDOcast over the years, it’s meant a lot to me.  DDOcast is not going away!  Anne and Sigfried Trent will be taking over leadership duties on the show, stay tuned for more information from them.  Finding the show should stay the same as it is now, you should not need to do anything to continue to download and listen.  Thanks you two and I can’t wait to hear what you have in store.


LINK to my announcement about the future of DDOcast.

LINK to information on people impacted by missing Ethereal Keys from the October 20th preview.

LINK to information about Mournlands, now accepting new applications!

LINK to info on Lotro going Free to Play in Europe.

LINK to the latest Eberron Chronicle.

LINK to Junts’ excellent guide to the Mabar event.

LINK to version 3.7.1 of Ron’s Character Planner.

LINK to Episode 33 of the DDO Cocktail Hour, featuring Tolero and a lot of great lore talk.



DDO CTH Ep 33, Lore w/ Tolero

This week on the Craziness that is DDO CtH welcomes DDO Community Relations manager Tolero back to the show! We talk about Eberron Lore in Stormreach as well as favorite clickys, Halloween plans, the fate of DDO CtH now that DDO Cast will be ending and more! Listen to find out WHY Delera Omaren is the Jebidiah Springfield of Stormreach! Thanks so much for listening!00:00:09 Intro: Tavern Rock 2, From the DDO Soundtrack00:01:45 What are you drinking? 00:02:54 The Alcohol Apothecary with Adan Maskery (via Jerry Snook)00:04:41 Goodbye Jerry? What does that mean for the future of CtH? 00:09:35 Twitter Question: Cocktail Hour Twitter Q for this week: Name your favorite clicky! What is the ”Must Have” clicky in your inventory? 00:18:26 Twitter Question: What Scares you about online gaming? Any thing directly with DDo?Bonus Twitter! I want to know about your Halloween plans? Gaming, slutty costumes, Trick or Treating with the kids, other? Answer 1 or both questions!00:26:05 Politics in Stormreach00:29:23 Religion in Stormreach, Silver Flame, Sovereign Host, Blood of Vol, Vulkoor, Lord of Blades. 00:38:40 Why is Stormreach so much more tolerant of diversity (religious and otherwise) than in the rest of Eberron? (Bonus! Why is it considered rude in Stormreach to ask for someones true name?) 00:41:55 Drow in Eberron. What makes drow in Eberron different from drow in other campaign settings (Forgotten Realms for example) Why do Xendrick Tribal drow dislike Searing heights drow? 00:44:26 Notable NPC’s in Stormreach. (Samius Gurobo is Charlotte the Scarlets baby daddy!)Forums00:46:32 The Thelanis Anthology Thread, started by Robi3.0 00:47:27 Ask a Loremaster By MysticTheruge 00:47:43 Why starting a new character is a bummer by Mr. Wizard 00:50:34 This is a Beholder, By R3dL4nce 00:51:32 Email!!! (101 emails! Thank you CtH listeners!) 00:53:07 +1 Intelligence tome Thelanis, pay it forward?00:54:37 Samius email saying he is WRONG! 00:55:14 Reach us at 00:58:14 Outro & Toast

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Announcement about the future of DDOcast

Hi everyone!  I’m writing today to pass along some news about the future of DDOcast, and to announce something personally amazing.  It’s an understatement to say that starting the podcast in early 2007 was one of my best decisions ever; it’s simply the most fun and personally rewarding creative effort I’ve undertaken.  I truly love Dungeons and Dragons Online and all of us that make up the best community in MMO-land.  Doing 190ish shows means every now and then you go into the weekend wishing you had the free time to do something else instead, but there has never been a single week that I ended up wishing I’d done something else by the time the show was posted. 

I’m announcing that this Friday’s show, Episode 191, will be my last.  Why?  Turbine is giving me the chance to realize a life-long dream.  I have often hoped for an opportunity to work in the gaming industry, and to now be able to work for my absolute favorite MMO developer is truly an honor and a privilege.  It’s a little early to tell you what I will be doing specifically, but I promise that I’ll have more to say soon.

What will happen to DDOcast?  I will keep the episodes and web site up for the foreseeable future.  I will do my best to have the content available for as long as there is an interest in checking out the show and web site.  It is also very possible that DDOcast will return/continue under new leadership.  Again, it’s a little early to announce anything, but stay tuned!

I’ve now rewritten this next part several times….how to possibly thank everyone who’s been a part of the show?!?!  I started putting together a “thank you” list and realized just how much work said task is.  There have literally been dozens of people over the years who have been on the show, maybe over a hundred?  I’ve had amazing segments sent in, taken part in wonderful conversations with people across the world, done countless interviews and had an unquantifiable amount of assistance to keep the show at its best (okay, so I’ve had 200d8 points of help, there, now it’s quantified…)  To say I couldn’t have done it without you is an understatement, the truth is the show was not a success because of me but because of the passion, humor and knowledge you guys and gals (and cats, and dogs, and even a chicken) provided.

There are numerous people who dedicated their time to the show in a major way, let me just list a few.  Thank you so much to Blackskull for writing the post on the boards that got me thinking about doing a podcast in the first place, Rowanheal for her strength to handle strong reactions to strong opinions, Merlask for bringing tons of people to the show and for showing me that it is possible to take the next step and do amazing work, Lessah for being one of the coolest people I’ve ever met, Clankenbeard for being the funniest person I’ve ever met, Anne Trent for her writing and broadcasting genius, Sigfried Trent for truly being the King of Crunch, Rheebus for bringing such good fun to the show, Standpoint for being my brother and ally through this whole deal, Buzzsaw for showing me how criticism and humor can work like chocolate and peanut butter, Samius for being yourself in so many great ways, Xiloscient for teaching me a ton about how to play DDO well, Doctor Boutrous for bringing a lot of funny to the earliest shows, Alex for your insight and broadcasting skill, Skaggy for bringing the class to DDOcast, Eladrin for being my first “official” interview with someone from Turbine, Coldin, The Brute, AvariceGold, Dr. Firewater, Adan, Bekki, BigBadBerry, CaliforniaPiper, Carliee, Entimix, Bern, Govt Mule, Griphon, Hafael, Hambo, Hendrik, Impaqt, JakLee, Kalari, Kashka, Kayoz, Kosimo, Maes, Metakadeez, Nim, Pixelbox, Robi3.0, Seneca, Sorrowbladen, Stabbity, Sylvurdragon, Thad, Torrance, Ulfgaar, Zeff, Chris Molsbee for putting me in print, Kudesnik for your support and Steiner-Davion for being a great friend.  This is just scratching the surface!  There have been so many people who have had a connection to the show, it’s simply impossible to thank everyone (or remember to put them in a thank you list.)  To everyone I’ve not mentioned here, please know that I wish I would have included you too. Thank you!  Also thanks to Turbine for agreeing to be on the show over the years, for doing Ask the Devs with me and for your tireless support of the DDO community.  It’s humbling to think about how many people have believed in me and the show, none of this would ever have happened without you.

Thanks to Sacred Flame Guardians on Sarlona and the DDOcast Build Guild on Orien for being the best guilds I could ever hope for, Aerenal (RIP, you old server) for being a great place to start, DDO-Daily for doing great news, DDO Reports for bringing the world of DDO to Twitter in a big way, Ron’s Character Planner and the Ultimate DDO Game Guide for being so helpful and the DDO Wiki for being the one place I knew I could get an answer quickly if an answer exists.  To every DDO fan and fan site out there, you all rule!

There may well be some folks who read this and see the news as an opportunity to start their own show, do their own thing.  I say go for it!  A podcast can be a lot of work and commitment, but is rewarding in so many ways.  When I started I was the only “DDO show” out there, but the podcasting scene now includes several other great DDO-focused programs.  Please continue to check them out and support them! 

Finally, I guess I’d just say that one of the best parts of this announcement is that it’s not a goodbye, just a goodbye to me doing DDOcast.  I can’t wait to take the next step. 

May all your attack rolls be crits, and all your chests level-appropriate.  Have fun and don’t forget to gather for buffs!

Jerry Snook


DDOcast 190

Hi everyone! Episode 190 of DDOcast is now ready to go.  Here’s a LINK to the episode – just left-click to play, right-click and ‘save as’ to download as an mp3.  You can also find DDOcast on iTunes, the Zune Marketplace and

This week’s show features guests Lessah, Tolero, The Brute, Anne and Sigfried Trent chatting about Update 7, European transfers, the Mabar event and more!  “Crunchy Bits” looks at Lesser Reincarnation, “The Premium Perspective” looks at The Catacombs and more and this week’s “DDO Poetry Corner” is a look at the alphabet and DDO.  Thanks so much for listening!


DDOcast Episode 190 (10-22-10)

:15 Intro
9:55 Bonus XP, Hotfix and more
13:05 Europe transfer news
23:40 Mabar talk
44:30 Update 7 talk – helforcs, Coin Lord vandalism, minotaur deaths and more
1:11:40 Crunchy Bits
1:25:48 Premium Perspective
1:35:27 DDO Poetry Corner
1:39:25 Community Notes and Store stuff
1:42:40 Emails


TOTAL TIME: 1:55:32


LINK to the latest news about European character transfers, how it’ll work.

LINK to Fernando Paiz’ letter for Update 7.

LINK to the Mabar Endless Night guide.

LINK to the Mabar Endless Night DDO Store items and prices.

LINK to the Update 7 stuff for the DDO Store.

LINK to the Update 7 Release Notes.

LINK to the Known Issues list.

LINK to the latest Eberron Chronicle.


LINK to the latest DDO Store sale.

LINK to the DDOcast video preview of The Chronoscope.

LINK to the DDOcast video preview of the new Update 7 quests.

LINK to Anne’s Monster Minute: Liches.

LINK to Episode 32 of the DDO Cocktail Hour.

LINK to Episode 13 of the DDO Source podcast.


DDO CTH Ep 32, Bad Mood Monday

Thanks for joining us for another zany podcast!Here is your standard warning: Samius Angry, Samius Smash and then go cry in the corner! As always, actual news with actual facts can be found at our parent show, The DDO Cast! This week we are talking about mistakes. Everyone makes them, trust us! There is some movie talk and loads of email to sort through as well! Listen to find out why humans (and sometimes dwarves) in D&D will breed with ANYTHING! Thanks so much for listening!00:00:03 Intro: An Expert from Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, Alcohol (Thanks Jomark!)00:03:17 What are you drinking? 00:04:20 The Alcohol Apothecary with Adan Maskery 00:06:16 Ironman News & Movie News00:09:39 Twitter Question: What is your standard greeting when you log on? 00:13:28 Twitter Question: Have you ever made a horrible mistake that cost the party loot/ xp/ failure while in a raid or a group? Confess! 00:22:19 Confessions, Lessah Shroud and Permadeath Shame! (Contains Spoilers)00:27:00 Samius Shame Grief. Grease is a Party Buff.00:28:05 Forums: Congrats to Pannzzy for a solo of the Shroud, By Twizznatch00:30:08 What new race would you like to see next? By Coldin 00:30:29 Email Microconsole? 00:33:34 Email, Landmine: Where is my podcast!?!00:35:12 Email, Zozo Next weeks guest: Killed in a Smiling Accident 00:37:26 Email, EcgricDDO, From the Premium Perspective, What about a Role play/ Permadeath Guild? Can you have the best of both worlds? 00:41:45 Thanks to Skaggy the Poet for writing a Permadeath Poem! (maybe for Lessah, the jury is out)00:42:16 Thanks to Flex Your Geek Podcast for having Lessah on as their latest guest!00:43:03 Reach us at 00:44:01 Outro & ToastJonathon Coulton: Baby got Back, Lyrics by a poet of great esteem: Sir Mix A Lot!

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DDOcast 189

Hi everyone! Episode 189 of DDOcast is now ready to go.  Here’s a LINK to the file – just left-click to play, right-click and ‘save as’ to download as an mp3. You can also find DDOcast on iTunes, the Zune Marketplace and

This week’s show features guests Steiner-Davion, Coldin, The Brute and even a visit from Borror0! We discuss the Mabar Endless Night festival, Update 7, the latest news and have a discussion about ranged combat. Segments include “All Creatures Great and Small”, “Unlocking the Vault”, “Practically Tactical” and “DDO Poetry Corner.”  Thanks so much for listening!


:15 Intro
10:45 Update 7 next week
14:10 Mabar event
43:05 Lammania Update
44:45 Auction House temporary closure
47:20 Out of game Store?
49:00 Lag and Hirelings
56:55 Europe character transfers
1:00:00 SR and Drow
1:04:40 Broctober Video Contest
1:08:06 Practically Tactical
1:18:35 All Monsters Great and Small
1:20:40 Unlocking the Vault
1:27:49 DDO Poetry Corner
1:31:20 Community Notes
1:32:17 Ranged combat discussion
2:28:15 DDO Store talk
2:32:45 Emails


TOTAL TIME: 2:38:30


LINK to the DDO Compendium writeup on the Mabar Endless Night festival.

LINK to the latest Lammania Update 7 Release Notes.

LINK to the announcement on the temporary closure of the Auction House.

LINK to info on the Broctober Video Contest.

LINK to the latest Eberron Chronicle.

to Anne’s Monster Minute: Abishai.

LINK to DDO Store items for the upcoming Mabar event.

LINK to the latest DDO Store Sales.


DDOcast 188

Hi everyone! Episode 188 of DDOcast is ready to go.  Here’s a LINK to the episode – just left-click to play, right-click and ‘save as’ to download as an mp3. DDOcast can also be found on iTunes, the Zune Marketplace and

This week’s show features a shorter news segment on Update 7 along with a bunch of great segments, including “Practically Tactical”, “All Creatures Great and Small”, “Premium Perspective”, “DDO Poetry Corner” and more!


DDOcast Episode 188 (10-9-10)

:15 Intro
2:00 Release Date and the DDO Store races
7:45 Lammania Event and updates
12:40 Events and such
13:50 World Transfers
14:50 Lotro numbers
16:00 Update 7 updates and errata
23:45 Massively article
28:45 Live event chat
30:50 Premium Perspective
35:40 Practically Tactical
45:02 All Monsters Great and Small
47:12 DDO Poetry Corner
50:00 Community Notes
53:55 Store stuff
54:40 Email




LINK to the announcement on the new race costs in the store along with the likely release date for Update 7.

LINK to info on the Turbine Pumpkin Carving Contest.

LINK to the Joystiq article discussing the Lotro info released by Turbine at the GDC conference.

LINK to the latest Lammania release notes.

LINK to the latest Quarterly Wallpapers.

LINK to the latest updates for Update 7 loot.

LINK to the column article Exploring Eberron.

LINK to the latest Eberron Chronicle.

Here’s Goldeneye’s good look at the impact of Warforged base colors:

LINK to Pakrat.

LINK to the Cupcake Mustakeer’s thread on



DDOcast 187

Hi everyone! Episode 187 of DDOcast is now ready to go.  Here’s a LINK to the episode – just left-click to play, right-click and ‘save as’ to download as an mp3.  You can also find DDOcast on iTunes, the Zune Marketplace and

This week’s show features guests The Brute and Coldin along with a brand new segment to the show – “Practically Tactical.” Adan checks in with “All Monsters Great and Small”, Skaggy has a cool “DDO Poetry Corner” and Ecric brings us another “Premium Perspective.” We chat about the Mabar Endless Night event on Lammania and more Update 7 goodness.  Thanks so much for listening!


DDOcast Episode 187 (10-2-10)

:15 Intro
2:46 Lammania event – Mabar Endless Night festival
5:15 U7 ETA
6:00 Raid talk
7:45 Mabar event overview and opinions
22:00 Mabar continued, timers
26:10 New raid chat
28:55 Lammania events and update
31:00 European transfer update
32:17 Adventure Compendium bug
34:35 Eldritch Runes
38:10 Bard Virtuoso II
41:20 Touch of Death nerf and other items
54:25 Practically Tactical debut!
1:02:55 Premium Perspective
1:09:55 All Monsters Great and Small
1:12:40 DDO Poetry Corner
1:17:00 Community Notes and emails


TOTAL TIME: 1:26:21


LINK to the DDOcast screenshots of the Lammania event the Mabar Endless Night Festival

LINK to the Ghallanda Machinima Studio video of the festival on YouTube.

LINK to the Update 7 named item thread on the Lammania boards, your best resource for items coming in Update 7.

LINK to the updated Release Notes for Update 7 on Lammania.

LINK to the latest info on DDO Europe Character Transfers, now scheduled for October 25th.

LINK to MadFloyd’s latest batch of bug fixes getting worked on from his blog.

LINK to the latest batch of DDO music released on

LINK to’s preview of Update 7.

LINK to the 34th edition of the Eberron Chronicle.

LINK to the latest DDO Store sale items.

LINK to the latest DDO Cocktail Hour episode 29 with Awesomesauce!