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Archive for July, 2010


DDOcast 178

Hi Everyone! Episode 178 of the DDOcast is now ready to go!

Here’s a LINK to the episode – just left-click to play, right-click and ‘save as’ to download as an mp3. You can also find DDOcast on, iTunes, the Zune Marketplace and many other podcast aggregators.

This week, Jerry is moving so he has mistakenly handed over his show to a bunch of amateurs and miscreants! Lessah, Clankenbeard, and sometimes Samius Gurobo do their best to muddle through the news and community events and The Brute checks in with “Unlocking The Vault.” The most important thing however, is the next installment of Ask The Dev’s is included in this show! You might hear “Sock-Puppet Jerry” in there somewhere and Psycho Da Angry Drow and The Rant Squad has a terrific song “Don’t Worry Be Tappy.”

On a personal note, doing a live show is very intimidating and there are ten thousand things that can go wrong (and did!). Jerry makes it look so easy! Props to him and please get your computer hooked up soon!

DDOcast Episode 179 with Ask the Devs 12

00:00:10 Jerry Impersonations
00:03:27 Celebrating Jerry’s Birthday! (Happy 69th)
00:04:21 Downtime on Monday
00:06:02 Ask the Devs
00:40:06 The Show must go on (Samius Audio Epic Fail!)
00:40:52 Chatroom Trivia and DDO Points giveaway!
00:43:03 Jaklee’s possible scoop for Update 6
00:43:53 Sock-Puppet Jerry
00:44:14 Update 6 Notes
00:44:46 Become a VIP for only $9.99/ month
00:45:22 Featured Player Danteil
00:45:35 Featured Player Draccus
00:45:47 Featured Guild Legion of Eberron (on day I will say Ghallanda correctly!)
00:45:52 Podcast Month @producerglin
00:46:30 Monday July 26th Hotfix (Release Notes )
00:47:15 Festival Jester and Risia Coins say g-bye
00:48:51 Unlocking the Vault w/ The Brute
00:56:11 Skill Enhancement Changes coming in Update 7
00:57:39 Codemaster’s Security Update
00:58:27 Gamespy’s Article about DDO
00:58:39 Turbine Download Manager gone?
00:59:18 Keeper’s Cryptic post in MyDDO about revising a new public area
00:10:55 Anne Trent’s Monster Minute: Mephits and Imps
01:01:35 DDO Daily’s UI SKin Article and New Forums!
01:02:10 Email: “Pain Tastes Pink”
01:03:26 Clankenbeard chatroom trivia, DDO Points Giveaway!
01:04:51 Thanks to Jerry
01:05:23 Blast from the past, Clip from Episode 101, Micro transaction scoop!
01:07:34 Jerry’s traditional signoff
01:08:15 Psycho Da Angry Drow and The Rant Squad’s new song: Don’t Worry Be Tappy
01:11:38 Outro


Time: 01:12:09

LINK to Update 6 and Underwater Combat!

LINK to the summer gift for VIPS

LINK to Danteil’s “How do you make friend’s in game?”

LINK to featured player Draccus

LINK to featured guild The Legion of Eberron

LINK to DDO Podcast month

LINK to Eladrin’s post about skill enhancement changes coming in Update 7

LINK to Gamespy’s Article DDO “Eberron On Five Points A Day”

LINK to Keeper’s My DDO Blog “Tidying Up”

LINK to Anne Trent’s Monster Minute: Mephits and Imps

LINK to Tiranblade’s UI skin

LINK to DDO Daily’s forums

LINK to DDO Source Podcast, Episode 5, “The European Invasion”

LINK to DDO Cocktail Hour Episode 23, Tirade

DDOcast Episode 178



Monster Minute: Mephits & Imps

Mephits & Imps in Real-World Mythology
ImpsThe western notion of imps originated from Germanic folklore. Imps are smaller lesser fey like creatures. Pre-Christian stories depict imps as mischievous rather than evil or harmful; some regions considered them as attendants of fire gods. Older folktales describe them as easy going and fun-loving, fond of cute tricks. Later in history, (probably after the introduction of Christianity) they were described as malicious and evil. They are fond of pranks and fooling people in both versions. People often blamed imps when they stub their toe or when their keys are missing.



DDO CTH, Ep 23, Tirade!

This week Samius and Lessah welcome yet another new segment to the show: Fopos Why where he tosses random thoughts out into the podcasting void for your pleasure! The team digs deep and gets into a serious tirade about money in DDO as well as the fine…

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DDOcast 177

Hi everyone! Episode 177 of DDOcast is now ready to go. Here’s a LINK to the episode – just left-click to play, right-click and ‘save as’ to download as an mp3. You can also find DDOcast on, iTunes, the Zune Marketplace and many other podcast aggregators.

This week’s show features guests Lessah, Samius, Rowanheal and Steiner-Davion where we talk about the closure of DDO’s European Servers in addition to the other latest news. Anne and Sigfried have a great “Crunchy Bits” about Update 5 Prestige Enhancements, The Brute discusses the Age of Giants in “Unlocking the Vault” and Clankenbeard has a really funny “Clerical Errors” in search of the perfect armor. We also feature the music of Tragic November at the end of the show.


DDOcast Episode 177 (7-25-10)

:15 Intro
7:55 DDO Europe shutdown and transfer
34:40 TP Cards at Gamestop
37:50 Patch 1 to Update 5 and bugs
42:15 Renown changes
49:50 Another guild theft
50:35 TTH interview and Zam article
1:01:45 Risia Ice Games, Repeater bug, Top Hats, GenCon
1:05:10 Crunchy Bits – Upd 5 Prestige Enhancements
1:13:00 Pale Master and Radiant Servant talk
1:20:45 Unlocking the Vault – The Age of Giants
1:30:20 Clerical Errors #8 – Finding good armor
1:35:40 Community Notes
1:45:30 Emails
2:07:40 Tragic November – Dust


TOTAL TIME: 2:12:34


LINK to Glin’s announcement unofficially naming July DDO Podcast Month!

LINK to Codemasters’ announcement about DDO-Europe.

LINK to the Codemasters’ FAQ about the DDO-Europe shutdown and transfer.

LINK to Turbine’s FAQ.

LINK to the announcement by Turbine.

LINK to Eurogamer’s article about the transition.

LINK to the Update 5 Patch 1 Release Notes in the DDO Compendium.

LINK to my DDOcast writeup on Turbine Point cards now available at Gamestop.

LINK to the Ten Ton Hammer interview with Fernando Paiz about Updates 6-8.

LINK to the article which mentions the “2 million” DDO player figure.

LINK to the return of the Risia Ice Games.

LINK to the excellent writeup on the ice games, featuring all the info you’ll need to know to get it done.

LINK to the web site for the band Tragic November.

LINK to Anne’s humorous Ice Games video.

LINK to Holger’s critical writeup of game bugs on

LINK to Punny Bones’ fantastic machinima preview video.

LINK to Raspberry’s latest Awesomesauce Divinity.

LINK to Psycho the Angry Drow and the Rant Squad’s main page.

LINK to Nirelle’s latest awesome work on Deviantart.

LINK to the DDM’s Realm writeup on top ten best quests for loot/xp.

LINK to the DDO Cocktail Hour episode 22.

LINK to the 4th episode of the DDO Source podcast.

LINK to The Sarah!



Eberron Days: 23rd of Lharvion


The Race of Eight Winds

Earth Date: July 23rd
Location: Sharn, Breland, Khorvaire

HippogriffsDura, one of the oldest and poorest quarters of Sharn, contains inhabitants swept in from all corners of Khorvaire. They may not have gold, but the people of Dura have the Race of Eight Winds. According to the commonly accepted — if somewhat unlikely — legend, King Galifar II was fascinated by the use of aerial scouts and cavalry. It’s said that he used Sharn as a proving ground to test the merits of different flying beasts, granting land and gold to exceptional cavaliers. Over the centuries, this activity evolved into an exotic competition involving different sorts of magical and fantastic beasts. The Race of Eight Winds is primarily a test of speed and skill through a course that weaves around and through the spires of the city. While the beasts may use any natural weapons that they possess, the riders may not use spells, psionic powers, dragonmarks, magic devices, or alchemical items.



Monster Minute: Trolls

Hello everyone! It’s been a while. I’ve been grinding hard on another new character in DDO. As a result, I’ve been neglecting you all.  But I have returned with another monster minute, this time with a classic D&D monster: Trolls.

Trolls in Real-World Mythology
Sea TrollTrolls first originated from the imaginations of Nordic storytellers.  They are the Nordic equivalents of fearsome giants, and are quite similar to the ogres of England. Tales tell us that these creatures roam the Scandinavian wilderness, living in underground mounds, caves, and within hills.



DDO CTH, Ep 22, Hanging Tough

This week Samius and Lessah welcome a new segment to the show: Adans Alcohol Apothecary. The team ”Hangs Tough” with talk about hard to find loots and lutes as well as the right way to beat your boss or someone elses as the situation allows! There is a delightful discussion about unicorns and other podcasts as well. Also, Samius Gurobo cries like a little girl! Thanks so much for listening! Intro: (Exciting Sunrise)New Segment! Adans Alcohol ApothecaryWhat are you drinking?Twitter: What is your loot white whale? Twitter: What are you doing when you are not playing DDO? Samius Gurobo. Abject humiliation! Discussion: Other Podcasts!The Toblowsky Files, A Good Day At AuschwitzGamebreaker TV Limited Edition PodcastForums: Bring your own Healing ShroudDDO Points Cards Emails: If only we had your bank account info, we could transfer this 10.5 mil with no red red tape )Show me your Noobs: What is a boss beater? Outro& Toast

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DDOcast 176

Hi everyone!  Episode 176 of DDOcast is now ready to go – here’s a LINK to the episode, just left-click to play, right-click and ‘save as’ to download as an mp3.

This week’s show features guests Psycho the Angry Drow, Ashkroth, Lessah and Steiner-Davion in addition to several callers to our live show.  Alex Haddox has “Inside the Monestary” and The Brute has the latest installment of “Unlocking the Vault.”  We discuss guilds, airships, the latest news and more.


DDOcast Episode 176 (7-17-10)

:15 Intro
2:30 Psycho the Angry Drow and the Rant Squad
11:00 Airship talk
14:00 Underwater Combat talk
22:35 Lammania patch update Release Notes
30:28 First Phone Call, Guild Safety
40:40 Guild Decay
44:50 interviews Fernando Paiz and Guild talk
57:50 Second Phone Call
1:04:10 Mordor of Bust/TP Cards/Parental Controls
1:05:45 Lua Script/Lotro
1:09:40 TTH Reviews DDO, AH Search, DT Crafting and more
1:18:40 Inside the Monestary – Touch of Death and Ninja Spy PrE
1:27:47 Unlocking the Vault 3
1:39:47 Community Notes
1:52:23 Emails


TOTAL TIME: 2:20:47


to Psycho the Angry Drow and The Rant Squad.

to the latest Update 5 Patch 1 Release Notes for Lammania.

LINK to MadFloyd’s info about guild decay.

LINK to’s interview with Fernando Paiz.

LINK to Casual Stroll to Mordor’s article about the Lua Script coming to LOTRO.

LINK to MicroCosm’s review of DDO on Ten Ton

LINK to StunCast’s interview with Patience.

LINK to Tolero’s latest post.

LINK to Ten Ton Hammer’s discussion of hirelings in DDO.

LINK to Krasi7’s DDO-themed forum template.

LINK to’s list of top ten most requested things for DDO.

LINK to the third DDO Source podcast.

LINK to the DDO Cocktail Hour’s 21st show, a discussion of GenCon.

LINK to the DDO Library for iTunes.

LINK to the Trans Mixer show.

LINK to RaspberryX’s Awesomesauce Divinity.

LINK to the 24th Eberron Chronicle.

LINK to the official writeup on hirelings.



DDO CTH Ep 21, Gen Con Indy

Warning: This is NOT our regular program! This episode provides advice and useful information dealing with Gen Con Indy 2010. Tune in next week for drunken banter srrounding Dungeons and Dragons Online Eberron Unlimited where we talk candidly about the game we all play and love and sometimes hate! This abbreviated episode is all about the upcoming Gen Con 2010 happening in Indianapolis, Indiana! The team (who WILL be at Gen Con!) talks about what to expect & bring if you have never been to the Con before. Thanks so much for listening! Warning: This is NOT our regular program! This episode provides advice and useful information dealing with Gen Con Indy 2010. Tune in next week for drunken banter that focuses on the Dungeons nad Dragons Online – Eberron Unlimited. The game we all play and love and sometimes hate! This abbreviated episode is all about the upcoming Gen Con 2010 happening in Indianapolis, Indiana! The team (who WILL be at Gen Con!) talks about what to expect & bring if you have never been to the Con before. Thanks so much for listening! Gen Con Indy, whats that & why should I even go? What is at Gen Con? GAMES! Any and all you can think of!!! board games, card games, celebrity appearances, electronic gaming, anime, film festivals, miniature games, live action and standard role playing games, seminars, workshops etc etcSome Gen-Con essentials that I downloaded from the Gen Con Indy Website:A DownTown Map of Parking Garages. (Hint: arrive by 9AM or risk walking several blocks)A Down Town Hotel Map (Call them! Some other Gen-Con goers may have cancelled their trip!)A Down Town Restaurant Map! (Just in case!)Map of the Exhibit Hall (including a list of what exhibitors are in what booth!)Event Catalog: (Do not sweat this! Even Catalogs are FREE and everywhere!) If it is your first time, you can keep your schedule very open and still have loads of activities to keep you busy that are impromptu and free!Here are some FREE events that you might consider checking out:(There are many more than this as well!)1.) ”I’m Wil Wheaton, and I’m a Gamer ” (Friday the 6th of August at 11am in the Westin Grand Ballroom)2.) Hamlet vs. MacBeth: The Shakespearean SmackDown ! (This is a Film!) Thursday the 5th of August at 7 PM in the Indiana Ballroom.3.) D&D Screenplay reading: screenwriter Artee Porchia in a reading of the hopefully soon to be produced Forgotten Realms movie. This event consists of a reading by you and the writer. In the hope of polishing this screenplay before it is to be pitched. Included will be swag from the company to further promote the movie. Thursday 5th of August, 9PM, Westin, Cucaus4.) Did I mention that ALL Seminars are free! The Art Show is free! You can spend an entire day in the Exhibit Hall playing demos of board games and previewing the latest and greatest in video games for free as well! 5.) Have younger kids? Most KID-listed events in the family fun pavilion are FREE! All kinds of crafting activities and there are quite a few KID-Oriented RPGs listed that still have tickets available!Speaking of kids! (Special Guests Zoe & Remy talk about Gen Con from a lower perspective!)I have a spouse who HATES gaming! How do I sell them on this vacation!?!Four Words: Ball & Chain Events! GENCON SURVIVAL Food for thought! Have Games Will Travel podcaster Paul Tevis says: ”every day you must…”Episode 22 of the DDO Cast Hosted by Merlask, over an hour of straight-talk about GenCon Indy! Things DDo Players need to take note of:Gen-Con Indy DDO Cast taping will be on Friday, 8PM at Jillians, Party at 9PM!Last Minute Tweets: What game are you looking to play?What to expect as a Gen Con noob & how much is too much spending $$

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DDOcast 175

Hi everyone! Episode 175 of DDOcast is now ready to go. Here’s a LINK to the episode – just left-click to play, right-click and ‘save as’ to download as an mp3. You can also find DDOcast on iTunes, the Zune Marketplace and

This week’s show features guests Rowanheal, Steiner-Davion and Holger from We also have a chat with Coldin about the new Trapmaking mechanic in DDO. We discuss Update 5, guilds, the latest news and more. Ryz has his latest “OCD Gamer” and The Brute had his second “Unlocking the Vault.” Thanks so much for listening!


DDOcast Episode 175 (7-9-10)

:15 Intro
2:25 Alignment Changes here
4:10 Auction House issues addressed
5:00 Guild Leaderboards, guild talk and guild items
26:24 Guild Charter price drop and amenities
29:00 Festivult
33:20 Airshp post by Keeper
34:20 Eberron Chronicle
37:46 Unlocking the Vault 2
48:10 OCD Gamer
52:35 Community Notes
58:25 Cleric Tip: Life and Death
1:06:08 End Game talk
1:21:10 Talking Trapmaking with Coldin
1:40:50 Shield
1:48:40 Emails/Upd 1 Patch on Lammania


TOTAL TIME: 2:13:46


LINK to the DDO Store announcement for alignment change.

LINK to info on the new Guild Leaderboards.

LINK to the latest info on Festivult, back in Stormreach for July.

LINK to Keeper’s blog about Airships.

LINK to the latest Eberron Chronicle.

LINK to an excellent writeup on F2P vs. Premium vs. VIP by

LINK to ReaperAlex’s excellent writeup on playing DDO in 3D.

LINK to Theuf28’s latest video on YouTube.

LINK to Raspberry’s Clericing column on

LINK to Coldin’s Trapmaking Guide.

LINK to the Critifcal Hit podcast.

LINK to the latest Cocktail Hour podcast, featuring DDO Producer Glin.

LINK to Psycho the Angry Drow and the Rant Squad podcast Episode 2, featuring guests Jerry from DDOcast and Holger from DDO-Daily.

LINK to Sirgog’s Adventure Pack reviews.

LINK to the DDO-Daily call for artists.



DDO CTH Ep 20, Glin From Turbine!

Warning: We do not take ourselves, our favorite game, or anything else too seriously. We pride ourselves on riveting our TENS of followers with drunken banter! We dont fear the lowest common denominator we wholly embrace it! If you are looking for hard-hitting news, and things that might be mistaken for facts, please refer our parent show: The DDO Cast. Otherwise sit back, relax, grab your favorite cocktail whatever that might be, and enjoy as we explore the lighter side of Dungeons and Dragons Online, Eberron Unlimited! Fasten your seat belts and make sure your seats back and tray tables are in the upright position kids, because this week Samius and Lessah welcome GLIN from the DDO Turbine team! Listen as Lessah falls all over herself trying to think of witty things to say (&fails) and Samius tries to talk everyone into actually trying to be good players! The team talks about GenCon Indy and veers off topic to talk movies and the show goes completely haywire when an Educational and Informative discussion takes place! Thanks so much for listening!Intro: Essential 80s &the debut appearance from Producer BT who showers the Team w/ insultsWhat are you up to? What are you drinking? Twitter: Favorite movie insult!Twitter: What summer blockbuster are you MOST looking forward to? Glin is super cool and awesome and even Samius Gurobo loves him! (Well not really, but Lessah makes up for it)Questions for Glenn:Will Turbine be at Gen Con?Will Turbine ever give sword and board some love? Feedback and you! How to and how NOT to do it. Congrats to Legion, the first guild on Thelanis to get an airship!!!!The Free Companions, the First Guild Airship on KhyberOver Raided, the first guild on Orien to get an airship!!!Coven of Heroes, on Cannith, the First Guild Airship there! Festivult is back! WTF Mate? Top picks for Festivult cookies that are most useful.Forums: Three Man Epic VON Outro& Toast

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Monster Minute: Hobgoblins

Fey HobgoblinHobgoblins in Real-World Mythology
In European mythology and folktales, hobgoblins are the troublemakers of the Seelie court. In tales, these creatures are small hairy men much like their fey cousins brownies.  They are found in homes doing odd jobs or small deeds, such as ironing and dusting, while the family sleeps.    The only compensation they need is a bit of food.  Some stories say giving them clothing will banish them from your home.  Hobgoblins are easily insulted when teased or misused and will retaliate with tricks and cause trouble.



DDOcast 174

Hi everyone! Episode 174 of DDOcast is now ready to go – here’s a LINK to the episode. Just left-click to play, right-click and ‘save as’ to download as an mp3. You can also find DDOcast on iTunes, the Zune Marketplace and

This week’s episode features guests Samius, Anne, Sigfried and even a bit with Lessah and DDO Producer Glin! The Brute begins a new segment to DDOcast called “Unlocking the Vault”, a look at the lore of Eberron. Otherwise, we take phone calls and chat a whole bunch about Update 5, newly-released.


DDOcast Episode 174 (7-3-10)
:15 Intro
1:28 Guilds – Update 5 Chat
6:30 Airship Lot talk
11:55 Patch Talk
17:15 Twisted Pixel Games and Turbine
20:10 New Wanderingmonster video
21:30 Hotfix Notes and Bugs
24:55 July Celebration and more Update 5 talk
33:00 Hit Points reduction?
39:40 New Store items and amenities
42:15 Europe status/Pale Master/more airships/xp
49:30 Featured Player – Draccus and phone call
57:10 Unlocking the Vault by The Brute
1:01:10 Community Notes
1:07:47 Discussion – End Game
1:14:40 New Guests! Lessah and Glin
1:21:20 Jerry impersonators
1:25:50 Emails


TOTAL TIME: 1:41:21


LINK to the Update 5 Release Notes. LINK to the Update 5 Store Release Notes.

LINK to the new Turbine minute-long DDO ad.

LINK to the Twisted Pixel games web site.

LINK to’s article on Turbine and Twisted Pixel. LINK to the Giantbomb article that includes info about Lotro F2P and Microsoft.

LINK to the article about the bonus XP days in DDO.

LINK to the latest Quarterly Wallpapers.

LINK to the latest video by Lessah, Clankenbeard and others – On a Boat (A Flying Boat.)

LINK to the Turbine interview with Draccus – the latest Featured Player!

LINK to Anne’s writeup on getting the most from questing and xp on her page.

LINK to Rowanheal’s latest DDO writeup on Here’s her awesome pic:

LINK to Coldin’s Trapsmithing Guide.

LINK to the latest Yak Cast with guest Kalari, including lots of DDO talk.

LINK to The Angry Drow Show – a new DDO podcast and web site!

LINK to the latest info on DDO Store stuff.