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DDO CTH Ep 19 The British Invasion

Warning: Dry British Humor contained within! Where news-based podcasts might take themselves too seriously, we pride ourselves on riveting our TENS of followers with drunken banter! We dont fear the lowest common denominator we wholly embrace it! And oh yes we WILL tell what we are drinking because its called COCKTAIL HOUR!
Also, todays show is not exclusively about DDO! I know its shocking, but people cannot eat, sleep, and breathe the exact same game for four years straight! Sure we talk DDO, but we wander waaaay off topic this episode and even use complete sentences at one point!
Once again, if you are looking for hard-hitting news, please refer our parent show: The DDO Cast. Otherwise sit back, relax, grab your favorite cocktail whatever that might be, and enjoy as we explore the lighter side of Dungeons and Dragons Online, Eberron Unlimited!

Cue the Benny Hill Music, because this week Samius and Lessah welcome long-time podcasters Van Hemlock and Jon Shute from the Van Hemlock Podcast to the show! Our crew veer off-topic a bit to discuss the finer points of gaming and how to wade through so many game choices in such a heavily saturated market. Listen to find out WHY Samius Gurobo is really ALWAYS wearing pants! Thanks so much for listening!

Intro: Van Hemlock Spoof
Amends in Vain (
What are you drinking?
Tomatoe/ Tomatoe, English vs American language
Fag/ Chips/ Football/ Pants! Oh my!
Twitter: Whom would you rather be stuck on a desert island with? Van Hemlock or Jonshute? What ONE game would you bring?
Twitter: What is your favorite TV Show from across the pond.
Van Hemlock and Jon Shute may very well be the best podcast you have never listened to.
– Discussion #1: The Law of Diminishing Returns
– Gamebreakers E-3 review (Gary Gannon is far too hot for me to take his opinion seriously!)
– Steam and Meta-Score: Bioshock/ Oblivion/ Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic
Article: Physician Gank Thyself, this article highlights what I feel is a breakover point for most MMORPG players where you have a break over point between being a casual player and committing to be a serious gamer by investing in the game on a more sophisticated level. (In DDO 10-14)
Vast & Mysterious Teaser and next weeks guest!
Samius & Jonshute make out a little
Outro& Toast

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Tips and Tricks: Make the Most from Quest XP

(or Opinion: How I would spend a Greater Wish on More Level 15 Quests)

In roughly 4.5 weeks, I took my DPS bard, Anastazie to level 20. This prompted me to search for the best quest XP per level. It was then my husband came up with a good question:

“What is the comparison between the total XP available for a given level, in the game, vs. the amount of XP needed to get to the next level?”

This is a fun question to answer but still tough. I want to answer this question because it will eventually lead to how you can make the most out of your XP when running quests.

And, oh yes, prepare yourself; this is a long one!



DDOcast 173

DOWNLOAD MP3 (Right click and "Save As")

Hi everyone!  Episode 173 of DDOcast is now ready to go.  Here’s a LINK  to the episode – just left-click to play, right-click and ‘save as’ to download as an mp3.  You can also find DDOcast on iTunes, the Zune Marketplace and

This week’s show features guest co-hosts Lessah, Anne and Sigfried where we chat about Update 5 on the eve of its release.  AvariceGold has a Premium Review of the update as well.  There’s also lots of great community stuff and news.  Thanks for listening!


DDOcast Episode 173 (6-26-10)

:15 Intro, PaizoCon and more
4:50 Update 5 is here! Nerfs, quests and awesomeness
11:55 Raiding’s future?
17:25 Europe’s future…
21:18 Lammania stuff
26:00 Guild renown
31:00 Airship costs and guild efforts
39:07 Lag, nerf-dealing and want-lists
1:00:45 Shintao changing/Master’s Touch
1:07:27 AvariceGold’s premium review – Update 5
1:15:35 Community Notes
1:25:04 DDO Store
1:29:22 Emails and errata


TOTAL TIME: 1:39:11


LINK  to Phax’s Lammania DPS in the Shroud feedback thread.

LINK  to, releasing a new podcast!

LINK  to v1.3 of the DDO Herald.

LINK  to Anne’s writeup on Orcs, her latest Monster Minute.

LINK  to DDO-Daily’s new Guild Guide.

LINK  to the YouTube video showing DDO with a Wii Remote and Nunchuk.



Monster Minute: Orcs

Hi everyone, it’s been a while, but here is the latest Monster Minute.  I had a hard time selecting which monster to do next.  Orcs was a tough thing to talk about because in Eberron, they are more of a race than a monster.  In DDO, they are considered a monster, and soon we’ll have playable Half-Orcs.

Lord of the Rings OrcsOrcs in Real-World Mythology
Much of mythology portrays orcs as rough and warlike humanoid creatures; the most famous depiction is set by J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Ring series.  The modern use of the word “orc” begins with Tolkien, and though he is famous for his fiction work, he was also a professor of the Anglo-Saxon, English Language and Literature at Oxford University, and had a profound love of language and philology.  In his own words:  “I originally took the word from Old English orc (Beowulf 112 orc-neas).”  Though there are similar words in Latin, he believed that orc was “actually derived from Old English orc ‘demon’.”



DDO CTH Episode 18, Ughh is Ugly

DDO Cocktail Hour, Episode 18, Ughh is UglyWarning: Very little educational material is contained within this podcast. In fact, we PRIDE ourselves on being pretty darn silly! Once again, if you are looking for hard-hitting news, please refer our parent show: The DDO Cast. Otherwise sit back, relax, grab your favorite cocktail whatever that might be, and enjoy as we explore the lighter side of Dungeons and Dragons Online, Eberron Unlimited! This week Lessah and Samius welcome special guest Stormbringers founding guild leader (and professional musician) Ughh The team discusses lore, multiclassing, barbarian hit points, and Show Me Your Noobs comes back with desert repairs! As always, thanks so much for listening! Intro: Obliviaxe: Master Your RealityWhat are you drinking? Lessahs DrinkWhat are you up to? Tower of Despair Twitter Question: How deep do you Multiclass? Twitter Question: How much do you know about Eberron Lore? Follow Keith Baker on Twitter!!! (He is going to GENCON!!!) Forums: Ask a LoreMaster! Ughh and near death experiences! (Its been several months do you know where your guild leader is?)Emails! Forums: Mod 7release notes wishlist Show me your noobs! Repair my stuff and dont break it! Great DDO Links for both new and old players! Next Weeks Guest: Its a British Invasion! Outro& Toast

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DDOcast 172

DOWNLOAD MP3 (Right click and "Save As")

Hi everyone!  Episode 172 of DDOcast is now ready to go – here’s a LINK to the episode, just left-click to play, right-click and ‘save as’ to download as an mp3.  You can also find DDOcast on iTunes, the Zune Marketplace, and many other podcast aggregators.

This week’s show features guest co-host Lessah along with the final sketch of our poster contest!  We draw for the 2nd poster, talk quite a bit about guild airships and more!  Clankenbeard has an excellent look at the Reaver Raid with “Clerical Errors” and Ryz looks at getting a 5th inventory tab with Coin Lords favor on “OCD Gamer.”


DDOcast Episode 172 (6-20-10)

:10 Intro
1:50 Airship talk – decay, renown, bonuses and more
7:28 Guild contest on Lammania
10:30 Amenities
16:35 VIP Summer Bonus
17:20 Bandwidth expansion
21:50 AOE changes
26:10 Airship friends
29:10 Guild renown
32:48 Ranged issues
35:10 First Call!
44:05 Red Fens/Guild priorities
46:46 Voice Mail – 7/29 Baltimore meetup being organized
48:00 Massively looks at Update 5
49:00 Downtime/Store sale/Avatars
51:00 Poster Contest sketch finale! Morah Goes Missing
1:00:40 2nd Drawing
1:04:35 Clerical Errors 7- The Reaver Raid!
1:13:20 OCD Gamer – Coin Lords/5th inventory slot
1:18:10 Community Notes
1:18:50 Second Call!
1:30:35 Emails


TOTAL TIME: 1:47:59


LINK to info on the Lammania guild contest.

LINK to DDO-Daily’s index of guild and airship articles.

LINK to’s look at Update 5.

LINK to the DDO Wiki info on airships.

LINK to DDO-Daily’s look at airship customization.

Congrats to Corporal Spaz for winning the 2nd poster!  Also congrats to Randalthor, Kevin and Maes for winning Turbine Points.

LINK to Mr. Wizard’s look back at DDO online over the years.

LINK to Lotro Reporter Episode 41, which includes an interview with me about DDO, Lotro and F2P.

LINK to TotalBiscuit’s post seeking a co-host for a new upcoming DDO podcast!

LINK to Spyderwolf’s video guides for quests (re: email.) ALSO – LINK to Lost Leader’s Quest Guides.




DDOcast 171

DOWNLOAD MP3 (Right click and "Save As")

Hi everyone! Episode 171 of DDOcast is now ready to go – here’s a LINK to the episode – just left-click to play, right-click and ‘save as’ to download as an mp3.

This week’s show features a look at the latest news along with some great segments from the DDOcast crew: Sigfried and Anne discuss Prestige Enhancements on “Crunchy Bits”, Ryz looks at organizing inventory with “OCD Gamer” and Alex chats ki and elemental stances in “Inside the Monestary.”


DDOcast Episode 171 (6-12-10)
:10 Intro
1:00 Lammania latest
8:20 Dice Changes
13:10 Astral Diamonds
14:38 Dev Diary – Guild Levels
19:00 More Update 5 stuff
20:36 Crunchy Bits v2.4 – More Prestige Class Enhancements
28:10 OCD Gamer 3 by Ryz – Organizing Inventory w/Coin Lord Favor
30:10 Inside the Monestary w/Alex Haddox – Ki and Elemental Stances
42:24 Community Notes: Monster Minutes w/Anne,, DDO Encounters and more
44:05 Poster Contest. Take 2! Self promotion and more.
49:50 Emails




LINK to the updated Update 5 Release Notes for Lammania.

LINK to some spoiler info on the Red Fens coming in Update 6!

LINK to the dev diary on Guild Renown.

LINK to the first of Dr. Firewater’s YouTube videos looking at two weapon fighting on Lammania.

LINK LINK to a similar video recorded on Live.

LINK to Anne’s list of Monster Minute entries, including an RSS feed!

LINK to the article about Dungeons and Dragons: Encounters.



DDO CTH Ep 17 Nekkid Comrades

This week Lessah and Samius welcome special guest Kudesnik! The team talks about zerging in-depth as well as the new updates to the DDO Library! Listen to find out WHY Samius decides to do this show nekkid! As always, thanks so much for listening! Intro: Boris Grebenschikov (Aquarium)What are you drinking? What are you up to? Twitter: If it was your last day in DDOTwitter Question: Are you a zerger? Intervention!!! CONGRATS to Pirate Rose and Kosimo for winning 500 TP each last week! Trivia Questions answered by Kudesnik and Samius = Epic fail!Kudesniks Iphone App, whats new and what would you like to see?Red Rover Red Rover, let Van Hemlock and Jon Shute, PLEASE come over!Forums: DDO Care Packages for Military GamersEmails! Llothpally & Invent a GuardOutro& Toast

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DDOcast 170

DOWNLOAD MP3 (Right click and "Save As")

Hi everyone! Episode 170 of DDOcast is now ready to go – here’s a LINK to the episode – just left-click to play, right-click and ‘save as’ to download as an mp3.

This week’s show features guests Samius and Steiner-Davion along with callers on our live Ustream chat! We discuss the latest news, including Lotro’s game-changer, Update 5 on Lammania and more. Ryz has a second excellent “OCD Gamer” in which he discusses inventory, Rheebus has part 2 of his Top Ten Easy Loot Runs on “Rheebus’ Top Ten” and Alex chats about enhancements available to both monk paths in “Inside the Monestary.” We also have the third and final part of our DDOcast Poster contest! Thanks for listening.


DDOcast Episode 170 (6-5-10)

:05 Introductions
4:50 Downtime Notice
6:00 Lotro Goes F2P
15:00 First Call – Dice Talk
27:15 Guild Changes/Airships Chat
37:30 New Quests, Spoiler light
42:45 More Update 5 Stuff
1:33:30 Europe Status/More Update 5
1:18:30 Rheebus’ Top Ten – Top Ten Loot Runs Pt. 2
1:33:27 Morah Goes Missing – DDOcast Poster Contest Pt 3
1:41:16 OCD Gamer 2 – Inventory
1:48:07 Inside the Monestary – Enhancements for both paths
1:54:40 Community Notes, Emails and More


TOTAL TIME: 2:08:44


LINK to the announcement about LOTRO going Free to Play.

LINK to the Update 5 Release Notes from Lammania.

LINK to the Turbine preview of Update 5.

LINK to new Turbine shots of airships.

LINK to Jay203’s writeup of Guild Augment Slot properties.

LINK to’s article about LOTRO’s F2P switch, including the figure that DDO is 8% of the audience.

LINK to the 18th Eberron Chronicle.

LINK to Rheebus’ Bloodstone run video.

LINK to the excellent DDO WIki article on Update 5 Guild Renown (a screenshot of ’em all).

LINK to Holger’s airship info (cost, etc) on

LINK to the Massive Online gamer spot for aiship screenshots.

LINK to the DDO-Daily article on collectibles.

LINK to the DDO-Daily screenshot contest for Turbine Points!

LINK to info on a meetup being organized by Mopsforthewin around Otokon this year.

LINK to the latest DDO Store sales.

LINK to the care package effort being organized to help DDO players through their military deployments.

LINK to the DDO Cocktail Hour Episode 16.

LINK to the latest Yak Cast, which includes a DDO segment by JackLee.



Here’s the fronts and backs of the two letters Morah sent in this week’s DDOcast Poster Contest to Stormreach Action News:

DDOCast Contest Clue 1

DDOCast Contest Clue 2

DDOCast Contest Clue 3

DDOCast Contest Clue 4

This week’s show includes our last puzzle sketch needed to solve the contest! If you’ve figured out what to do, you’ll know that your time is coming to win!

Here’s the rules: I’m be doing a series of sketches and offering up someprizes for people who solve the puzzle! This contest will be open toanyone except for DDOcast contributors, and will require that youdownload the U.S. client for Dungeons and Dragons Online.* Otherwise,be the first person to use the emote /kneel in front of the person whosename will be revealed, on the right server and at the right time anddate and you’ll win this:

Signed DDO Poster Prize!

Also,1500 TurbinePoints. Neat, huh? A real collectors item.

The second person to type /kneel in front of the person willget1500Turbine Points*. Third person to do this will get 1000 TP.

*European Serverplayers who wish to have their Turbine Point winnings exchanged for agame time card will be able to do so. The intent is not to take playersaway from any particular server or service, but for simple logisticreasons. The exchange offer is for European server players only, as Idon’t have the money for U.S. game time cards as well. The use of theemote /kneel while targeting the proper person is to deal with anysituations in which multiple players show up at once. In that case, thefirst /emote listed in the social panel will be used to determine thewinner.

You can hear the sketches separately on Here’s a LINK to Part 1 and here’s a LINK to Part 2.

Arovin’s burning grease!

Grease! It Burns!

Giant Space Hamsters!

DDOcast 170



Opinion: Will Small Guilds Go Bust with Update 5?

Sorry for the sensational blog headline, but the Guild Leveling system is a rather fascinating topic! I want to take a moment or two to predict how it will affect guilds and the player base. What will happen to guilds both large and small? What will players do under a new mechanic?

How Does it Work?
Let’s first do a quick review on Guild Levels. To gain Guild Levels (GL), guild members’ loot Guild Trophies (GT) called “Heroic Deeds”. This will actually appear as a lootable item in chests and as selectable item for end rewards. They are also found as collectable items from mob drops. As GTs are collected they become Guild Renown or essentially Guild XP. GTs come in various denominations, ranging 50 to 150 GTs.

There’s a trick to GR: starting at level 25 (the current maximum guild level is 100), the higher in Guild Level a guild achieves, the faster the Guild Renown will decay. Luckily, guild Renown will stop decaying again once you have gone back to Guild Level 25. What happens if you guild xp drops and you start losing levels, my best guess is that you start losing access to certain guild privileges.

For more info on what you can get as you go up in Guild Levels visit DDOWiki (LINK)

GTs Chests GTs End Reward



Opinion: D&D is About Dice

diceMany of us DDO players are also D&D players, and accustom to seeing dice notation such as 1d6, 2d10, and 2d4+3.  Little do today’s players know that the original notation for damage or accuracy was expressed as a range of numbers.  Yes, back before 2nd Edition D&D a dice roll of 2d6 was written as 2-12 and 3d4 was 3-12.

I find the change to how damage is listed somewhat amusing, but also annoying.  The proposed change for Update 5 is

X to Y damage or X-Y damage



DDO Cocktail Hour Ep 16, Bad Drinks

This week Lessah and Samius welcome special guest Jerry Snook from the DDO Cast to the show! Dont worry we dont let him too get serious at any point. The team talks about at length about Spells that might be useful in real life/ Quest Flagging/ Epic Questing/ Vault of Night/ Coffee/ and Jerry demonstrates that he knows WAY too much information about chick stuff. As always, thanks so much for listening! 00:00 Intro: Swingtime!01:45 What are you drinking? (Warning! Bad Drinks Follow!)05:02 Coffee Talk! 09:15 What are you up to? SOS Flagging 12:52 Dragon Touched Armor Talk18:00 Epic Quests20:05 DDO Cast Build Guild becomes breakfast for Vellah23:34 Movie Talk! PSA & Samius pulls Jerrys man card26:34 Prince Of Persia & Green Lantern29:36 Twitter Question: Have you Ever walked out of a theatre when the movie was bad?30:22 Extended Star Wars talk!32:59 Movie Twitters cont37:29 Twitter Question: Would you pay for an R-Rated Quest? 42:22 ME2 & Jerry fails at stalking a woman in a video game.44:48 Twitter Question: If you could have one DDO Spell in real life what would it be?48:15 Samius Gurobo rules the world via meteor swarm!49:53 Jerry is a pervert, but uses invis with practical applications! 51:09 Parsec Awards talk.54:12 Game revistited! /Squelch /Shadowhump or /Guildinvite using DEVS!!! 01:00:24 Emails! We love Emails! Tron 2.0 01:03:49 Email, Role play advise & links for Sharkhunter:Outro& Toast

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