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Tips & Tricks: Shopping in Stormreach

Knowledge Prereqs
The following is rather complicated stuff. So if you’re new, please visit for more information on how characters work and skills work. Also this requires some basic knowledge in elementary arithmetic and percentages.

DDO Coin System
First lets do a quick review on how money works in DDO.  DDO uses a simple 10:1 rule between denominations:

1 platinum (pp) = 10 gold (gp) = 100 silver (sp) = 1,000 copper (cp)

Item Value Basics
Before we can go into actual buying and selling, you need to understand how items are priced. Each item has a base value. To determine if an item has value you examine the item.  Its base value price is found at the bottom left hand corner.  This price is listed in gold pieces.


Selling to NPC Vendors & Brokers
You always sell items at a fraction of its base value when selling to NPC vendors and brokers.  This means you can never sell an item to a NPC vendor at 100% or more of its base value.  (Well, in theory, you could but that would mean reaching a Haggle score well into the hundreds which is impossible right now).

The Selling Price of an item is based on 3 factors:

  • Item Base Value – This is what the item is worth in game and is listed on the item itself when examine it.
  • The Vendor or Broker’s Base Sell Percent Rate – each NPC Vendor and Tavernkeep alters your selling rate based on the completion of reputation quests. Brokers aren’t influenced by reputation, but in have a higher sell rate than vendors.
    • All vendors will buy your items at 10% of its base value
    • All brokers will buy your items at 15% of its base value
  • Your Haggle Skill – the higher your haggle skill, the more you can get for an item when selling.
    • For each point of haggle, you can get an additional 0.25% to the sell price of your items at vendors and brokers.

In short, how to calculate the selling price is

Selling Price = Item Base Value – (Item Base Value * [Base Sell Percent Rate from Vendor or Broker + (0.25% * Haggle)])

As a player you’re always trying to increase the selling price. There are three ways you can do this:

  • Increase your Haggle skill – for every point in haggle you get a 0.25% increase in the selling price
  • Run reputation quests for Vendors – each area has vendors that are influenced by their respective reputation quests. This will increase the Base Sell Percent Rate by 2.5%
  • Sell your items at the Brokers – selling at the brokers gives you an additional 5% increase on the sale of your item versus selling at an uninfluenced vendor.

Buying from NPC Vendors & Brokers
When you buy from a NPC vendor or broker, the cost of the item will always be modified by a percentage rate, just as it is with selling an item.   The cost of items will always be more than the item’s base value. The only way you can buy an item at its base value on vendors and brokers is if your haggle skill is high enough.

Unlike selling, the minimum level of the item changes the Markup percent rate on Brokers – the higher the minimum level of the item, the higher the markup will be.  Vendors won’t change their markup and have a flat percentage increase to the all their items.

In summary, the Buying Price of an item is influenced by four factors

  • Item’s Base Value
  • The Percentage Markup from Vendor or Brokers – NPC vendors will always try to get you to buy above the item’s base value price
    • All vendors have flat 20% markup to the item’s base value
    • Brokers will markup the sale price an item based on its minimum level and what kind of item it is
      • 25% in addition to the base value for Minimum Level 2 armor & weapons, and Minimum Level 0 jewelry & clothing.
      • 27.5% for Min Level 4 armor & weapons, Min Level 5 jewelry & clothing
      • 30% for Min Level 6  armor & weapons, Min Level 7 jewelry & clothing
      • 35% Min Level 8+ armor & weapons, Min Level 9+ jewelry & clothing
  • Your Haggle Skill – the higher your haggle skill, the more you can reduce the markup from a vendor or broker. If your haggle skill reduces the markup of a vendor beyond zero percent, you can get a discount off the base price.
    • For each point of haggle you can get a discount of 0.5%

In short, how you calculate the Buying Price is

Buying Price = Item Base Value * ([1 – (0.005 * Haggle)] * [Markup Percent on Base Price from Vendor or Broker+1])

As a player you’re always trying to decrease the Buying Price. There are two ways you can do this:

  • Increase your Haggle skill – for every point in haggle you get a 0.5% decrease in the buying price
  • Run reputation quests for Vendors – each area has vendors that are influenced by their respective reputation quests. This will decrease the markup percent by 2.5%

Sorry kids, there isn’t a way outside of haggle to help you buy items cheaper on brokers.

Oh, and your magic number for Haggle Skill is 52 for buying stuff on brokers. This is when you can get level 8+ weapons and armor at the listed base value. The highest Haggle skill I’ve seen is 82; this is with equipment, spells, bard buffs, and skill buffs.


Reputation Quests
Earlier, I spoke of Reputation Quests.  Doing a reputation quest will bring you favor with the NPC vendors of that area.  Sorry, Rep quests don’t affect brokers.

  • Harbor – Waterworks Series
  • Marketplace – Seal of Shan-To-Kor Series (STK)
  • House-P, One-Eared Bugbear Inn, & Delver’s Canteen – Splinterskull Series (Tangleroot)
  • House-D & Salty Wench Tavern – Three-Barrel Cove Quests
  • House-J – Delera’s Tomb & Return to Delera’s Tomb Quests
  • House-K & Eye of Kol Korran – Cult of the Six Quests (Co6)
  • Portable Hole – Ability to Teleport to the PH itself
  • Ataraxia’s Haven Resort Spa – Pawnshop/Gift Shop buys like a Vendor with Rep, maybe the working vacation has gotten to her mind.

I haven’t looked at the influence of Rep Quests for all areas of the game. If you have, I would love to know if quests affect vendors for the areas of Rever’s Refuge, Amrath, Inspired Quarter, Meridia, The Twelve, and Giant Hold.

Mailing Your Items vs. Using the Shared Bank
Many players have a Haggle character to buy and sell items for our other characters.  As far as I can tell the postage cost to send an item through the in-game mail is 2% of the base price value of the item you are sending on top of the 1 sp base fee.   Obviously it’s cheaper to use the shared bank over all.  If you must use the mail to send items to your Haggle toon, make sure that they have a haggle of at least 12 or more, else you are wasting money using the mail system. That way you can at least make back the some money you lost in postage.

Be Wary of Broken Items
I should also mention the effects of damage on an item’s price. Items get beat up from death, monsters, and all-around wear and tear from adventuring. When you repair an item, it has a chance at becoming permanently damaged. Permanent damage reduces the item’s base price, and the effect is a reduction in its Selling and Buying Price.


Update, 5/15/2010: Samius was able to calculate a potential of 95 haggle, including Past Life Feats. Read more here @ the DDOCast Forums

Update: More math-fabulous fun! 🙂 According to my math, You get a 1% increase in the Selling Price for every 4 points of haggle. So that would mean having a Haggle Skill of 360 to get a 100% sale price of the item’s base value on an NPC Vendor. A Haggle of 350 for an Rep quest influenced vendor. And a 340 Haggle for brokers!

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    May 14, 2010

  • Amrath vendors always give the 5% bonus regardless of your favor. This, combined with the free greater heroism and the fact that weapons and armor vendors are right next to each other makes them the best place in the game to offload your hard earned loot. Bind in the tavern then /death for instant profit!


    May 14, 2010

  • Good Work! Thanks for your efforts!


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  • This is a great article, though I wanted to point out one minor detail that you may want to add: Charisma (CHA). Charisma affects Haggle, so the higher your Charisma, the better your Haggle, and ultimately the better the price when combined. As a suggestion I always tell people to wear both a high charisma item (such as a cloak that gives you a plus to your ChA stat) AND the highest haggle item they can when talking with a vendor. The effect may not be much in some cases, but every little bit helps!(I noticed the difference from CHA one day in playing around with putting on and taking off different items with a vendor window open…it surprised me to see that CHA had an impact by itself when the stat is increased / decreased) 🙂


    May 15, 2010

  • @SingingCrane Great point!

    I’d also like to add a basic tip: All skills are effected by your Ability Scores (Charisma, Strength, Wisdom, etc). Any items, spells, or enhancements that boost your ability scores will boost your ability modifiers and, in turn, effect your skill. The formula for calculating your base skill score is:

    Skill = Ranks + Ability Modifier

    Note that your Ability Modifier will only go up by 1 point every 2 points in your Ability Score (since you only get a boost in your Ability Modifier on even valued Ability Scores). When an ability score changes, all attributes associated with that score change accordingly. A character does not retroactively get additional skill points for previous levels if she increases her intelligence — she only gets more skill points when she increases in class levels AND has a permanent enhancement increase to her INT. Any temp boosts to INT based skills via her INT Ability Modifier, just like any other Ability Score boost.


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    June 6, 2010