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DDOcast 169

DDOcast is a weekly DDO podcast created by fans for fans! We discuss nearly everything related to Dungeons and Dragons Online – Eberron Unlimited.

Hi everyone! Episode 169 of DDOcast is now ready to go. Here’s a LINK to the episode – just left-click to play, right-click and ‘save as’ to download as an mp3.

This week’s show features guests Anne, Sigfried and Samius along with a brand new segment to DDOcast called OCD Gamer by Ryz and an interview with the Neverquesters guild on Argonnessen. There’s also the second part of DDOcast’s poster competition. Thanks so much for listening!


DDOcast Episode 169 (5-29-10)

1:50 Two Weapon Fighting Changes
1:05:50 Downtime, +2 Loot and Premium issue
1:09:00 Direct2Drive Starter Pack offer
1:10:20 Europe Status
1:12:15 Warner exec news
1:14:00 Monk Ninja Spy II
1:21:26 OCD Gamer, first segment!
1:29:50 Morah Goes Missing: Poster Contest Segment 2
1:37:10 Community Notes, DDO Store stuff and more
1:42:20 Neverquesters Interview
2:07:00 Parsec Award Nomination!
2:09:38 the reason for the holiday
2:10:30 Emails


TOTAL TIME: 2:22:00


LINK to Eladrin’s announcement about changes coming to Two Weapon Fighting, Two Handed Fighting and combat.

LINK to the DDO Starter Pack being offered by Direct2Drive for new DDO accounts.

LINK to’s article about the new executive at Time Warner Interactive who’ll be in charge of Turbine’s activities, among other things.

LINK to the look at Monk Ninja Spy II.

LINK to DDO-Daily’s interview with Walt Snider about his upcoming DDO podcast.

LINK to Anne’s writeup on Mariliths.

LINK to the DDO Memorial Day point promotion.

LINK to the DDO Store info about the new Haste potions.

LINK to the latest Eberron Chronicle.

LINK to Boromirs Half-Orc prediction contest.

LINK to info on Teldurn’s Riddle Nights on Sarlona.

LINK to info on the Neverquesters guild on

LINK to the excellent writeup on Wilderness XP.

LINK to Bill Robert’s eBay sale of DDO time cards.

LINK to the excellent DDO Wiki overview of crafting in DDO.

LINK to info on the Parsec Awards, which DDOcast has been nominated for!

LINK to DDO-Daily’s request for cool screenshots!

LINK to the DDO Cocktail Hour Episode 15, with special guest Anne!


Here’s a LINK to the secret letter released to Stormreach Action News in this week’s contest segment.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be doing a series of sketches and offering up some prizes for people who solve the puzzle! This contest will be open to anyone except for DDOcast contributors, and will require that you download the U.S. client for Dungeons and Dragons Online.* Otherwise, be the first person to use the emote /kneel in front of the person whose name will be revealed, on the right server and at the right time and date and you’ll win this:

Also,1500 Turbine Points. Neat, huh? A real collectors item.

The second person to type /kneel in front of the person will get1500Turbine Points*. Third person to do this will get 1000 TP. The first puzzle will be broadcast in next week’s show, Episode 168, and will probably continue for the following two weeks. I’ll post them upon the following Mondays as individual files for people to download/listen to as well.

Good Luck!

*European Server players who wish to have their Turbine Point winnings exchanged for a game time card will be able to do so. The intent is not to take players away from any particular server or service, but for simple logistic reasons. The exchange offer is for European server players only, as I don’t have the money for U.S. game time cards as well. The use of the emote /kneel while targeting the proper person is to deal with any situations in which multiple players show up at once. In that case, the first /emote listed in the social panel will be used to determine the winner.


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NOTE: This contest ended on July 2010.