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DDOcast 167

Hi everyone!  Episode 167 of DDOcast is now ready to go.  Here’s a LINK to the episode – just left-click to play, right-click and ‘save as’ to download as an mp3.  You can also find the show on, iTunes, the Zune Marketplace and many other podcast aggregators. 

This week’s show features guests Samius and Steiner-Davion along with a bunch of great segments.  Sigfried and Anne discuss prestige enhancements on “Crunchy Bits”, Rheebus has Top Ten Loot Runs on “Rheebus’ Top Ten”, Alex discusses monk feats on “Inside the Monestary” and a special guest fills in for Clankenbeard on “Clericle Errors.”


DDOcast Episode 167 (5-15-10)

:10 Intro
4:45 DDO’s place inthe MMO world
12:00 DDO Store change
14:45 DDO Lottery here
18:00Mournlands application status update and Turbine jobs
28:25 Grease!
29:30 Feats, Pale Master and more!
46:58 Crunchy Bits – Prestige Enhancements
54:59 Insidethe Monestary – Monk Feats
1:03:44 Rheebus’ Top Ten – Loot Runs
1:17:35Clericle Erros – Uthoren fills in!
1:24:00 Community Notes
1:25:30DDO Europe thoughts
1:34:15 Tip talk – levels in explorer areas andmore community notes
1:48:20 Emails
2:08:20 Contest Talk!


TOTALTIME: 2:18:03


LINK to the article looking at DDO data from the NPD Group.

LINK to the latest DDO Store changes in Turbine’s release notes.

LINK to info on the DDO Lottery.

LINK to the list of new feats coming to the game.

LINK to Daehawk’s excellent compilation of information about Update 5 on

LINK to Keeper’s post about lighting on her page.

LINK to Anne’s discussion of identity on her blog.  LINK to her post about the Rhashasas.  LINK to her excellent post about shopping and haggle in Stormreach.

LINK to Kaeldur’s excellent post about DDO in 3D.

LINK to info on the Ghallanda Scavenger Hunt.

LINK to Agg’s “DDO: To Kill a Mocking Dwarf” on YouTube.  Great work! (I’ll embed it on too.)

LINK to the latest Eberron Chronicle.

LINK to the DDO Cocktail Hour: Mocktail Hour!

LINK to Yak Cast – The Man with the Plan.

LINK to Samius’ writeup on the highest possible Haggle.


Contest Details:

Over the next few weeks I’ll be doing a series of sketches and offering up some prizes for people who solve the puzzle!  This contest will be open to anyone except for DDOcast contributors, and will require that you download the U.S. client for Dungeons and Dragons Online.  Otherwise, be the first person to use the emote /kneel in front of the person whose name will be revealed, on the right server and at the right time and you’ll win this:

Also,1500 Turbine Points.  Neat, huh?  A real collectors item.

The second person to type /kneel in front of the person will get 1500Turbine Points.  Third person to do this will get 1000 TP.  The first puzzle will be broadcast in next week’s show, Episode 168, and will probably continue for the following two weeks.  I’ll post them up on the following Mondays as individual files for people to download/listen to as well.

Good Luck!