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DDOcast 163

DDOcast is a weekly DDO podcast created by fans for fans! We discuss nearly everything related to Dungeons and Dragons Online – Eberron Unlimited.

Hi everyone! Episode 163 of DDOcast is now ready to go. Here’s a LINK to the episode – just left-click to play, right click and ‘save as’ to download as an mp3. You can also find DDOcast on iTunes, the Zune Marketplace, and many other podcast aggregators.

This week’s show is a live chat with guests Anne, Sigfried, Lessah, Rowanheal and Rheebus – we take calls and chat about Update 4. There’s also an interview with Holger from the new Sigfried and Anne return with “Crunchy Bits!” YES! They start with a look at the Seeker weapon trait. Alex looks into monk build attributes and racial considerations on “Inside the Monestary” and Clankenbeard engages in a thoughtful thesis on Crafting with “Clerical Errors.”


DDOcast Episode 163 (4-10-10)

:12 Intro
3:45 Maintenance Monday and XP Bonus
4:05First Call, Update 4 talk
12:30 Item talk
18:20 Second Call
22:25Epic talk/Release Notes
27:10 Europe gets Mod 11
30:40Bastard Swords/Dwarven Axes changes
34:15 Third Call
37:55 Mechanic changes
42:45 DDO Lottery coming
46:50 Stealth
47:50Fourth Call and Store talk
51:31 Errata
52:00 Inside the Monestary – Attributes
59:32 Crunchy Bits v2.1 – Seeker Weapon Trait
1:04:50Fifth Call
1:07:20 Clerical Errors #4
1:11:37 CommunityNotes
1:14:20 Holger with
1:36:31 Community Notes
1:44:44Discussion topic – LFM drama
1:55:05 Sixth Call and Update 4thoughts
2:02:50 Emails


TOTAL TIME: 2:29:14


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