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Top 9 Things You Should Do @ PAX East 2010

PAX East 2010

#1 – Witness the Omegathon
Just like March madness but with video games and the occasional meat-space game. Winners get a cash prize of $2.5K and a trip to Gamescon.

#2 – Attend the Keynote with Will Wheaton
He’s the official Elected president of PAX Prime! All heed his words!

#3 – Rock out at the Geek Concerts
WTF! Who doesn’t love Jonathan Coulton!? Add on Paul & Storm, MC Frontalot, Protomen, and The Video Game Orchestra and that’s just like finding a amp with a nob that goes to 11 instead of 10!

#4 – Get Nostalgic at the Classic Arcade Museum
This is special to PAX East, so grab a fist full of quarters and play some retro games!

#5 – Try some Meat-space Games
Bring a bit of air fresher with you and play with the sweaty masses! RPGs, Miniatures, CCGs, Boardgames, Dominion (my FAV!), Killer Bunny Needs a Ham…you want to at least try one game, else you’re not a real gamer.

#6 – Exhibitor Hall & FREE PHaT L3wTz!
Spend a day or two here and test out the new games. Grab a ton of Swag. My favorite contest is to see how many free shirts you can grab.

#7 – Watch Gabe & Ty Make a Comic Strip
Yes, they will make a comic strip right in front of the audience and post it live on their site! ‘Sides, it’s the gracious thing to do and say “Hi” to your Expo Hosts!

#8 – Party till you Die!
Free booze, food, and geeking with others! PAX After Parties have got quite the rep you can only understand if you go. The trick is finding the coolest party to go to! here’s some info to get you started:

#9 – Visit the Turbine Booth
DUH! And Play the meat-space game they made for you for FREE!

Are you going to PAX East 2010? What are your Top X things to do?

  • Heck yeah, really excited to see the classic arcade museum. If I had more time I’d visit Funspot in New Hampshire.


    March 25, 2010