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Review: Greater Reincarnation

Actual Cost
Greater Heart of WoodToday I spent $49.99 on 5,000 Turbine Points to get enough Greater Heart of Woods to convert my 28 point characters to 32 point characters, in addition to fixing their ability scores, feats, and skills.

The exchange rate at that cost is about $1 US Dollar for every 100 Turbine Points. The cost of a Greater Heart of Wood is 1495 Turbine Points or $14.95. I ask myself was it worth it? I would say yes, because it saves me time. I can make far more than $15 in opportunity costs in the time that it would take me to loot one by grinding out quests.

Subject: Theris Corvidia – Level 16 Cleric
I won’t show her stats prior to Reincarnation because I’m ashamed of them. 😛 This was my first character in DDO. She was my test case: If I can enjoy the game as a healer, and not feel bitter or abused like in all the other MMOs, then the game is worth sticking around for. What better way to test Greater Reincarnation than with this character.

After reading the docs on reincarnate, I decided to empty as much inventory as I can into the bank and strip naked. Only The Sovereign Host knows how much I’m love with my gear and I just don’t want to risk it.

I don’t need any levels from an additional class so I only used the Greater Heart of Wood for this Reincarnation. So I presented Kruz with my Greater Heart of Wood and go through the dialog. I typed my name in the box after speaking to Kruz. Yes, I really do want my 28 point build to become a 32 point build! But most of all I kiss my exclusive hair style ($0.75) and fuchsia hair dye ($1.95) good bye!

What Can I Do With Greater Reincarnation

I get to change the following:

  • Appearance, except for my gender. Gotta stay a girl!
  • Get a basic hair style and color! Bleh! 😛
  • More Build Points! 32 FTW!
  • Fix my ability scores! I want this the most!
  • Feats – Ditto!
  • Spells – Not much of a concern for a cleric
  • Enhancements – always good, considering I’m changing ability scores, feats, etc.

Things I’m Glad to Keep

  • My Favor – I worked damned hard for that, ain’t gonna give it up!
  • My Items – Oh thank you! I LOVE my BLING!
  • My Tomes – I ate 3 WHOLE BOOKS! At 200 pages apiece. I’m not doing that again.

RE-Starting Ability Scores

  • STR: 10 – Yes, I’m a gear whore. Need some STR to hold it all
  • DEX: 10 – I don’t like negative AC values
  • CON: 14 – For a decent concentration, for when I turn off Quicken
  • INT: 8 – Duh…drool. CLERIC SMASH EVIL!
  • WIS: 18 – I know that Blade Barrier will kill stuff! I’ve seen it! It’s all good!
  • CHA: 14 – Pretty enough for a decent amount of DVs!

For some odd reason, when I first created this character, I selected a 12 INT. Silly me! Why would a pure caster cleric need 12 INT? It’s not like 3.5 table-top where I could choose a plethora of skills.

On to selecting actual skills! Why did I pump up my Heal skill the first time around? Did I really think it would be handy? Like I’m really going to use it with Healing Kits to save incapacitated characters on my cleric! DUH! I’m going to use my spells, wands, and scrolls to scrape up my comrades. I’m only going to go as far as 7 or maybe 10 Heal with my WIS bonus I should be able to get enough to cover the tanks if they want to rest, since its 10 + 3 * (level + maximum score in Heal of a nearby party member) for regaining HP at the shrine. The rest go into Concentration and Diplomacy.

I get Mental Toughness and Extend Spell for my feats.  I want plenty of mana, since I’m a pure casting buff/control/healbot.  Extend Spell is a must for defensive spells.

Logging into the World
I’m good to go and so I login to the game. Ack! All my hot bars were all askew and my chat windows in funny places!! I guess it decided that a hard reset on the UI was needed.

RE-Leveling 2 through 16
The NPC Thealeh Auryath is my ticket to a better life, or so I hear. Let the fun begin!!  My goal is to get the meta magic feats that I wish I had during those critical moments of game play; skills as well.  I do realize that I’ll have less balance and jump this time around, but I think i can make up for that through gear, and spells. I always want to pick WIS as my ability score to up since its my primary stat for spell DCs and Mana.  For skills I mainly go for Concentration & Diplomacy. Here is what I took at the relevant levels:
Theris' Feats

  • Level 3
    • Feat: Quicken Spell – I hate making concentration checks in the thick of battle and area effect spells. It wastes mana!
  • Level 6
    • Feat: Improved Mental Toughness – I’m a healbot after all
  • Level 7
    • Huh? My inherent bonuses kick in. Did it remember when I took my tomes?
    • Skills: Tumble – I like tumbling when I’m nekkid! Need to have some fun!
  • Level 9
    • Feats: Empowering Healing
  • Level 12
    • Feats: Empower Spell – Totally stacks with Empower Healing on cure and mass cure spells!
  • Level 15
    • Feats: Maximize Spell – Killer Blade Barrier! *snick*snap*slice*

And Now for Enhancements!

  • Follower of The Sovereign Host – Though i know I won’t be using this much, its nice to have the option of using Longswords. Battle Cleric on the RUN!
  • Unyielding Sovereignty – This is what i’m really after.  Having a Super Heal is great for emergencies.
  • Human Wisdom 1
  • Greater Human Charisma 1
  • Improved Empower Healing 1 – 2 – I’m going to try this out a while, see if its worth it.
  • Prayer of Life 1 – I like seeing big numbers!
  • Life Magic 1 – 3 – 30% bonus to healing is nothing to shake a stick at
  • Zealot 1 – 4 – more mana!
  • Cleric Charisma 1 – 2 – mostly for the Diplomacy
  • Cleric Wisdom 1 – 3
  • Divine Vitality 1 – 2 – I have a sorcerer, so I can sympathize running out of mana
  • Extra Turning 1 – 2 – Just so I can increase the number of DVs.
  • Wand & Scroll Mastery 1 – I use enough of this stuff to top of other players might as well.

Double Check Gear and Stats
bankI afterwards, I gave a quick check of my inventory! Oh good everything was still there. Awe isn’t that cute! It gave back my Founder’s Helmet and Amulet of Natural Armor!

I also went to the bank to check my stuff – I’m kind of paranoid. I was happy to see that all my stuff was there. Oh wait a minute; I didn’t chuck my Founder’s Helmet and Amulet of Natural Armor. I now have TWO of each. *giggle*

When all is said and done here are my finishing stats + gear + old tomes + enhancements:

  • STR: 16
  • DEX: 13
  • CON: 20
  • INT: 8
  • WIS: 34
  • CHA: 25

Here are my derived stats from feats + enhancements + gear + etc:

  • Hit Points 258
  • Mana Points: 1515
  • Armor Class: 34
  • DVs: 12 per rest @ 5d4+10
  • Heal Spell: 382 HP base for a cost of 43 Spell points – not a power house, but satisfying.

Overview of Greater Reincarnation
The system for Greater Reincarnation is pretty smooth. Getting prepared is costly in either the form of the two great equalizers of life: Time (aka grinding for Hearts of Wood) or Money (aka turbine points). It uses the same system as for creating a new character and for leveling, so it makes assumptions off your tacit knowledge of the game. There is an obvious benefit for the player in using the system; you get extra ability points and the chance to fix some of the mistakes you’ve made in the past. Getting to streamline my character’s focus is a big bonus to me.

Now if you ask if it was worth the money I spent, that’s another story. If I wasn’t encouraged to do so by my husband, I may have not even tried and lived with my character as is.

Overall it was worth the purchase because it extended my enjoyment of the game, through this character. And as a long time player that’s worth something. Reincarnating is rather cathartic, even if by proxy! 😀

Theris Post Greater Reincarnate

  • Tomes are special when it comes to reincarnations.

    If you were say to read a +4 tome at level fifteen and then reincarnate. You would get a scaling bonuses at the levels tomes apply .. +1 at 3, +2 at 7, +3 at 11, and finally +4 at 15.

    That means if my multiclass rogues ever get a high value intelligence tome, they’re going to reincarnate for the extra skill points 🙂


    March 19, 2010

  • great write up!!


    May 19, 2010